Depraved Nutrition Amid Caloric Affluence

It only costs eight bucks. And it’s a quick read. But Pottenger’s Cats: A Study in Nutrition foretold the nightmarish results of dietary experimentation on the American population.

“We now observe in the human race the successive generational decline, exogenously imposed, by a degrading food supply. All this is done not for the good of the food buyer, but only for the benefit of the grower and grocer. Adulterating, manipulating, refining, and designing food while simultaneously infringing upon the inherent freedom to choose your healthcare method: This is the legacy of 100 years of censored and biased ‘science’ promoted by ‘health authorities’ with professional agendas. The outright ban on access to many natural foods and herbs that have not first been refined, enriched, pasteurized, fortified, cooked, and sterilized, even public water that is free of medication, is a freedom surrendered long ago by an ever sicker population, and all accomplished under the facade of public safety. And then, powerful and expensive medications with only partially understood consequences are the costs the victims pay for symptomatic management of the physical and mental effects of inferior nutrition; never suspecting the cause of their insidious decline.”
Mark Anderson

As Royal Lee plainly expressed it 70 years ago:

It is nothing short of a tragedy for a patient to be permitted to suffer from simple starvation while being given the so-called benefits of modern science in a modern hospital, and still gradually fade away by reason of some unrecognized form of malnutrition.
Annual Congress of the International Liberal Physicians. New York City, October 23, 1943

Clearly, it is critical that health professionals make a sustained patient-education effort to end this crude century-long experiment of depraved nutrition amid caloric affluence. That’s what SRP is here to support.

Stephanie Selene Anderson

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