Exercise Won’t Keep You Healthy If You’re Running on the Wrong Fuel


A group of cardiologists in the UK are trying to “bust the myth” that to fight obesity, you only need regular exercise. In an editorial written for British Journal of Sports Medicine, they asserted that the source of the calories matter, as calories from sugars increase fat storage and make a person hungrier, whereas calories from fat keep a person full longer. Essentially, telling people to run off their extra weight doesn’t do any good if the diet is full of processed foods.

A healthy diet contributing to a healthy weight is one of the key principles we promote at Selene River Press, and we have been doing so for a long time.

In 1954, Dr. Royal Lee said, “The use of white bread, refined sugar and candy, by creating a vitamin deficiency, is the basic cause of the obesity syndrome we have under consideration.”

You read that right. He said that in 1954.

If you look in our Historical Archives, you’ll also find the story of William Banting. He writes in his “Letter on Corpulence” that he was unable to lose weight, no matter the strategy, until he started cutting out “starches and sweets,” or what we now refer to as refined carbohydrates.

Banting wrote that in 1869.

It is now 2015, and despite the fact that we know how to stay healthy, somehow the processed food industry has tried to convince us that we are obese because we don’t exercise enough, when in truth it’s primarily because of processed foods.

Exercise only works if you’re eating the right foods with the proper nutritional value, which means whole, organically grown food raised on nutrient-rich soil. And yet, while we’ve known for a hundred years that the key to a healthy weight is a nutritious diet, we are still reading articles in 2015 that make it sound like the concept is breaking news.

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