Why We Get Sick and Die for No Good Reason: Foundations of Trophotherapy I, New Print Edition

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If you’re reading this, you probably know more than most that something is wrong. Too many of us are getting sick, living in poor health, suffering from disease, and even dying before our time—for no good reason. We just forgot how to eat.

The truth of this has been known for decades, and it’s been suppressed for nearly as long. See for yourself with the Foundations of Trophotherapy series from the SRP Historical Archives. You can now purchase the first volume, previously only available as an ebook, in a beautiful softcover edition. Write notes in the margins. Keep your pages pristine. Or slide it onto your bookshelf right next to your copy of Foundations of Trophotherapy II, until it calls to you.

If you’re unfamiliar with the word, “trophotherapy” is simply the art and science of applied nutrition. It encompasses the once disputed idea that good nutrition leads to good health. Though this simple fact is no longer rejected out of hand—or at least not quite so often as it used to be—the medical community would still rather treat than prevent disease. Even worse, processed junk foods and nonstop efforts to get us to eat them have become a fixture of modern life.

Therein lies the importance of these slim volumes. Featuring a wide-ranging introduction from Mark Anderson and eight hand-picked articles, Foundations of Trophotherapy I is proof that modern medicine has it exactly backwards, and has for decades. We’re facing a critical mass of misinformation and plain old confusion about nutrition, and it’s no wonder that some of us jump from one dangerous health trend to another—even though many of these bogus fads were debunked in the Archives long ago.

This packaged sample of foundational materials is a testament to how far we’ve traveled in the wrong direction. These days, only a small minority of us remember what used to be pure instinct: how to nourish our bodies with real food.

It didn’t have to be this way. This print version of Book One shows that early nutrition researchers tried to sound the alarm decades ago. You’ll find:

  • A 1942 article summing up the very real devastating health consequences associated with vitamin deficiency.
  • A 1954 article showing the link between a deficit of vitamin C and neurological disorders.
  • A 1949 article explaining what our mouth, teeth, gums, tongue, lips, and face can tell us about poor nutrition.
  • A 1952 article laying out Dr. Royal Lee’s revolutionary “Theory of Protomorphology,” the root cause of most autoimmune disorders.
  • A circa 1950 article about the true price we pay when we take megadoses of synthetic vitamins.
  • A 1965 article discussing the dangers of an alkalizing diet and offering practical advice for assessing and normalizing pH in patients.
  • A 1934 article on the vital importance of eating whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals—sound advice we’ve been shockingly slow to take to heart.
  • A 1941 article on how penicillin and the first man-made antibiotics led us away from natural foods and natural food products such as chlorophyll.

Trophotherapy is a self-evidently rational concept shunned for too long by mainstream nutritional science—the very group that got so much wrong in this century and the last. It’s far past time that we stop getting sick and dying for no good reason. Go back to the beginning. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to take back your health. Start with the Foundations of Trophotherapy I…now available in print.

Heather Wilkinson

Heather Wilkinson is the Archives Editor for Selene River Press.

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