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Why Would the Body Attack Itself? Stupid Body!

Dr. Michael Dobbins was a chiropractor who taught for Standard Process for many years. He was smart and witty. Dr. Dobbins made learning fun. You can get the Dobbins CD set, The Legendary Formulas of Dr. Royal Lee, from Selene River Press. Did Dr. Dobbins really mean it when he called the autoimmune response of the body “stupid”? No! He would say the body is doing what it is supposed to do given the circumstances.

It is common to think that autoimmune conditions make no sense. But, of course, the body knows what it’s doing. Injury, trauma, infection, and—as is common—malnutrition can all destroy tissue. This extra burden from the necrotic load overwhelms the macrophage system of cell disposal and leaks into the bloodstream, creating what is called autoantigens. This in turn elicits an immune response to create autoantibodies. The autoantibodies attack not only the autoantigens in the blood but seek out their source in the sick and dying organ or gland tissue. That is how the lasting damage from the autoimmune response occurs. (Mark Anderson’s excellent presentation on the topic of autoimmune reaction, Autoimmune Process and Reaction, is available as an MP3 from, you guessed it, Selene River Press.)

I Googled “autoimmune conditions” and received about 213,000,000 results. Most websites will talk about the top ten or so known autoimmune conditions. However, virtually any disease process can spiral into an autoimmune reaction because autoimmune conditions are last-phase outcomes from long-term conditions.

Osteoarthritis, for example, becomes critical when it reaches the autoimmune phase. At that point, autoantibodies are attacking cartilage and bone in the joint. The inflammation that is the sole focus of osteoarthritis treatment is the natural result of autoimmune assault on the joint. Therefore, the anti-inflammatory treatment is dealing with the effect and not the cause. This has been demonstrated by hundreds of studies reported in peer-reviewed journals from around the world.

As Dr. Royal Lee taught, it is not that there are so many autoimmune diseases, it’s that so many diseases reach the autoimmune phase.

Thank God that Dr. Lee developed the protomorphogen (PMG)! Standard Process is the only company that supplies the protomorphogen as a tablet to be used as an oral antigen. It serves as a decoy to draw the immune attack away from the tissue of a specific organ or gland. When taken by mouth, the PMG gets in the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) of the small intestine, where it is greeted by the autoantibody. The autoantibody “wins” and degrades the PMG into a histamine, which can then be removed by the liver. It wins, but in the process the autoantibody itself is destroyed.

This process gives your targeted tissue a chance to regroup, rest, and rejuvenate—if it is also given the proper nutrients to create healthier cells—thus stopping the autoimmune assault. Once you fully understand this process, your patients will benefit greatly.

Homework: listen to Mark Anderson’s Autoimmune Process and Reaction over and over until it is ingrained in your brain!

Standard Process produces a number of individual protomorphogens as well as combination supplements that include them. They all need to be taken on an empty stomach.

I encourage you to know these formulations. Learn to use them in treating and educating your patients.

Many of your patients will not heal without the PMGs.

Boy, is this good to know!

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