Good to Know:
How to Continue Learning the Dr. Royal Lee Formulas

Enjoy the latest installment of Dr. Lowell Keppel’s “Good to Know” series for practitioners.

As you know by now, changes to the Standard Process sales force will have a trickledown effect on the educational process. Why? The sales force, your Standard Process representatives, were independent of Standard Process corporate, and as such, could use educational methods, seminars, webinars, and emails to train and educate. The reps also had some flexibility on who could teach for them and what could be presented. Standard Process corporate did have several excellent teachers, including the ever-popular David Hogsed, DOM, AP, and the extremely knowledgeable Dr. Annette Schippel. Other educators included Dr. Michael Gaeta and yours truly. Who will continue to educate for Standard Process now?

The fact is, as corporate employees, the sales force will be much more scripted and tightly controlled, adhering to federal regulatory guidelines as to what they can teach. The sales force will require advice and training from independent educators with deep clinical experience in the design, purpose, and function of Dr. Lee’s formulas.

At this point you may be asking, what is good to know? Here it is: Selene River Press! You’ve heard me talk about the resources from SRP in nearly all of my webinars and seminars. This post itself is published in the Good to Know series by SRP. But what you may not know is that, in this time of uncertainty, you can find all the education you need in their extensive catalog of books, media, e-learning courses, and more. And that’s not to mention the collection of nearly 500 articles, lectures, research, and commentary from the earliest days of nutrition science available, for free, in the Selene River Press Historical Archives. Personally, I enjoy and learn from the Historical Archives daily.

Here are some more great resources to explore from Selene River Press:

SRP also has blogs for you and your clients, many written by practitioners who share the Dr. Lee vision of health.

But there’s more! Books and more books, from cooking to pet health and even the American idea. SRP offers traditional print editions (you know, with pages that you can smell and touch) as well as ebooks.

And the newest category: SRP Merchandise, featuring apparel and household items that showcase quotes in colorful designs from your favorite SRP contributors like Dr. Michael Dority, Joseph Antell, and others.

If you aren’t familiar with Selene River Press, take time to explore all they have to offer. You can set your own self-directed course as you educate yourself and your patients in the Lee philosophy.

Good to know? You bet. But there’s even more! If you want certifications for continuing your dedication to learning the Lee philosophy, visit Whole Food Practice (WFP). Here, you can choose complementary introductory courses or more in-depth lessons for a tuition fee. Better yet, get your Applied Clinical Nutrition Certification.

WFP even offers certification for your staff. This course will help your staff become more involved in your nutritional business and provide clinical patient support and interaction. A great timesaver for you. WFP also provides coaching with Dr. Chris Taylor and myself.

Even with the upcoming changes at Standard Process, there’s no excuse to stop acquiring knowledge. You have a lifetime of learning available to you, at your own pace and interest level.

Isn’t it just great to know that it’s available—and where to find it? Watch your inbox for information on how you can keep in touch with me during all the changes.

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Dr. Lowell Keppel

Dr. Keppel received a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1983, following an associate degree in science from Southwestern Michigan Community College. He became certified in Neuro-Emotional Technique in 1999, having studied directly under the program’s founder, Dr. Scott Walker. He has undertaken a variety of further training, including herbology, spinal rehabilitation, and ongoing nutritional education.

Dr. Keppel knows there is always some seminar, book or journal that might deepen his knowledge or contribute one more bit of information that he can directly translate into an effective treatment. He gives sound advice from the perspective of clinical experience and years of practice.

More recently, Dr. Keppel has been teaching seminars for Standard Process West. He has become their in-house chiropractor and is recognized as a mentor for other practitioners throughout the greater Denver area.

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How to Continue Learning the Dr. Royal Lee Formulas

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