Health Rangers# 9:
Preparing for Health

Welcome to “Health Rangers” written by Dr. Michael Dority. This captivating series 
is based on the fictitious characters Dr. Lee Palmer and Dr. Royal Bart.  
Each short post will reveal a new topic on the idea of Only You Can Protect Your Health. 
Practitioners can print and handout each post from the link at the bottom
to give patients a quick bite of healthy information to take home with them.

Hi, this is Dr. Lee Palmer and we are going to talk about how low birth weight is associated with an increased risk of heart disease developing in the life of your future son or daughter.

When we look at the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, it shows that the nutritional environment received in the womb by the developing baby not only affects the risk of birth defects but also “how and why subtle influences on the fetus and during early life can have such pro- found consequences for adult health and diseases.”

We know that birth weight is determined by maternal, embryonic, and fetal nutrition. Research shows that low birth weight is associated in the developmental risk of increased heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney disease in your baby’s future.

Poor nutrition by inadequate intake of proteins, fats, essential vitamins and minerals will cause changes in the growth and development of your baby’s internal organs. This will open the door to the development of altered growth and function of your baby’s internal organs, which will predispose your child to a life-long risk in developing chronic and degenerative disease conditions.

Ask your doctor for a copy of The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care. Remember, learning today will bring health and happiness tomorrow.

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Dr. Michael Dority

DR. MICHAEL DORITY, now retired from his 44 years of chiropractic practice in Nebraska, credits his professional success to supporting the patient’s nervous system with whole foods, whole food supplements, and patient education. He has contributed to the health and well-being of many grateful families over the years. You can find Dr. Dority’s patient education posters here at Selene River Press.

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