Dr. Frederick Stare’s Funding Exposed

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Summary: Dr. Frederick Stare (1910–2002) was the founder and first head of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard University’s School of Public Health. A lifelong fighter against the health food industry and the organic food movement, Dr. Stare often served as a government witness against natural-foods advocates, testifying that such proponents were alarmists and frauds. Over the course of his career, Dr. Stare procured massive amounts of funding for Harvard and his own research from food-manufacturing giants such as Coca-Cola, General Foods, and the National Soft Drinks Association. One such “gift” is documented in the newspaper clip here, which was reprinted and disseminated by the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research in 1960. Dr. Stare’s support of industrial food manufacturing, including his unwavering defense of the use of chemical additives and preservatives, earned him a reputation among natural-food advocates as a tool of the commercial adulterators of America’s food supply. From the Milwaukee Journal, 1960. Reprinted by the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research.

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Morris Bealle describes the biased opinion of Dr. Stare. Maybe this is how biased opinions are paid for!

Harvard Receives Gift of $1,026,000

Cambridge, Massachusetts, AP — Nathan M. Pusey, Harvard University President, Saturday announced a “momentous” gift totaling $1,026,000 over 10 years from General Foods Corporation for expansion of the nutritional laboratories of the Harvard School of Public Health.

The laboratories will study heart disease, obesity, and other problems related to nutrition.

Reprinted from the Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, February 2, 1960, by the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research. Author unknown. 

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  1. LC Kid says:

    HOPE STARE IS IN HELL FOR HIS LIFETIME FRAUD OF ACCEPTING MONEY TO KEEP THE LIES GOING ABOUT THE SUGAR INDUSTRY. This idiot fraud caused the death of hundreds of thousands of people.for money. This guy was about as much of a doctor as Josef Mengele of Nazi death camp fame.

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