Introducing the Natural Fast-Aid Cabinet

Natural Fast-Aid Cabinet

While your first-aid kit is good for the occasional scrape or sunburn, that tube of antibiotic ointment is pretty much useless when it comes to allergies, heartburn, or bloating. In fact, there’s a host of maladies that are best addressed with high quality, food-based nutritional supplements rather than adhesive pads and tweezers.

Now families have another option: the Natural Fast-Aid Cabinet. There’s never been an easier way to build a customized selection of nutritional supplements that can help address the circumstances particular to you and your family.

This elegantly designed brochure highlights 74 common disorders—everything from PMS to constipation to headache. Each ailment is cross-referenced with the specific Standard Process nutritional supplements designed to assist healing. Printed on lightweight, waterproof, synthetic paper that’s resistant to tears and stains, it will last for years even with constant use.

If you want to create a lifetime of tailored, food-based approaches to good health for you and your family, order this comprehensive handout. It’s just the kind of straightforward, clearly presented information that will help you see at a glance what a powerful impact the right supplements can have on your health.

Heather Wilkinson

Heather Wilkinson is Senior Editor at Selene River Press.

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