Introducing New CDs from Selene River Press

CDs new to SRP

Selene River Press presents new CDs from two big names in the fields of herbal medicine and veterinarian practice: Lee Carroll, BSc, BHSc (WHM), and Dr. Tom Cameron, DVM.

As a leading member of the MediHerb team for over 20 years, Lee Carroll bolsters his unique insights into the clinical application of evidence-based herbal medicine with decades of experience. He’s helped countless doctors and practitioners integrate nutritional and herbal therapies into their practices, and his new CDs are a distillation of the same sharp insights he brings to his highly anticipated seminars.

In Herbal and Nutritional Support for Female Health Conditions, Carroll introduces practitioners to the rich, diverse tradition of using herbal products to treat female health, explaining how recent advances in herbal science can benefit women at all stages of life. This CD is a wide-ranging education in the proper herbal and nutritional support for PMS, stress, pregnancy, lactation, and many other conditions unique to women.

Herbal and Nutritional Support for Osteoarthritis and Blood Sugar is a 2-CD set with more unique insights from medical herbalist Lee Carroll. Disc One covers osteoarthritis, a common yet poorly understood cause of disability in the elderly. Carroll discusses the most current osteoarthritis literature and shares his insights into the true nature of this condition. The focus of Disc Two turns to one of the most important goals for practitioners—managing blood sugar. By discussing factors that affect blood sugar in modern patients, Carroll gives practitioners a solid understanding of how to better manage this challenging condition through proper herbal support.

And finally, Tom Cameron brings us Nutritional Support in Veterinary Practice, Part I and II. Cameron is the former director of the Standard Process Veterinary Formulas line, and he’s been a practicing veterinarian for more than 30 years. Over the course of this 2-CD set (also available separately), he offers his fellow vets the benefit of all that experience by showcasing the power whole food supplementation can have on feline and canine health. Part I discusses the proper nutritional support for the most common conditions veterinarians face, while Part II outlines the most fundamental products in the Standard Process veterinary line. For vets, this resource is not to be missed.

Taken together, these new products available from Selene River Press offer alternative health care providers and veterinarians that most precious resource: knowledge.

Heather Wilkinson

Heather Wilkinson is Senior Editor at Selene River Press.

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