It’s Time to Get Dirty

Discover the joys of self-reliance! As concerns about food safety grow, more and more people are turning to self-sufficiency. For some, it’s about their yearning for a deeper connection with the land, one like their grandparents had. Others just enjoy backyard farming as a hobby.

If you’d like to turn your backyard into an oasis of self-sufficient living, or just use that precious real estate to grow some of your own food, these new books with a focus on holistic, organic small-area farming will show you how. Get the satisfaction that only comes from making it yourself!

Little House in the Suburbs, by Deanna Caswell and Daisy Siskin

As the authors note, “Most people think that to live a simple life, you have to quit your job, sell your house, and move to the boonies. That’s a bunch of hooey.” With many urban and suburban families realizing they don’t need hundreds of acres to be self-reliant, backyard farming continues its trend as a popular hobby for many urban and suburban families.

But is backyard farming right for you? Little House in the Suburbs will help you find out. READ MORE

MiniFarming, by Brett L. Markham

New to gardening and farming? Markham encourages you to start small, and his book is a great first step for aspiring hobby farmers. When you’re ready to take it to the next level and establish your own full-fledged mini-farm, he’ll show you how to produce 85 percent of an average family’s food on a quarter-acre of land—and earn $10,000 cash income annually.

Whether you’re just getting started or want to expand your existing backyard farm, MiniFarming will get you there.

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