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Chinese Medicine: Clinical Reference Guide

Chinese Medicine

At Selene River Press, we know that traditional Chinese medicine has played an important role in healing for centuries. And when we consider the ever increasing popularity of herbal supplementation and acupuncture protocols, it’s easy to see how this vast body of knowledge has influenced Western medicine for the good.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce a new educational tool for practitioners. Chinese Medicine is a deceptively slim clinical reference guide that adds to our growing understanding of holistic preventive care. Authors Siamak Shirazi and Julie Shivley give practitioners five keys to understanding and addressing common imbalances within the body. These five keys are the five yin/yang organ pairs, a foundational concept of traditional Chinese medicine.

A deep working knowledge of these organ pairs is a must for practitioners seeking to provide quality care to their patients, and that’s what this reference provides. It’s all here: Interrelationships. Common syndromes. The signs and symptoms of imbalances. Dietary guidelines. Simple recipes to restore balance and health. Recommendations for nutritional and herbal supplements. Relevant protocols. General acupuncture treatments. And finally, case studies. Best of all, everything here can be readily translated in your daily practice.

Understanding the healing effects of food and herbs is a critical component of traditional Chinese medicine, a philosophy that is best explained in three words: “Food as medicine.” Today practitioners know they can bring about positive synergistic effects when they treat ailments and imbalances with the right foods. But as detailed in Chinese Medicine, these benefits are further enhanced with the right nutritional supplementation from Standard Process and herbal supplementation from MediHerb.

This in-depth clinical reference is ideal not only for practitioners of Chinese medicine but for all practitioners of natural medicine.

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