Organic Isn’t Always More Expensive

Organic apples

Many people complain that buying organic food seriously influences their budget. Comparing the two kinds of fruits and vegetables, GMO (genetically modified) food almost always looks better. Apples, tomatoes, and bananas are way bigger and seem more appealing than organic ones. Even so, people want to buy healthy organic food—yet it’s perceived as more expensive than GMO food. But is this really the case?

How Much Money Is Too Much Money?

Compared to GMO food, it’s easy to assume that organic food really does cost more. But think about it. Organic farmers don’t use pesticides on their plants and farms. This means they leave the ground, the air, the water, and the fruits of their labor cleaner. This also means you won’t eat pesticides when you take a bite of your organic apple. When you buy organic food, you’re buying your health—and buying your way out of diseases, doctors, and hospitals. Try putting a price tag on that, and see what you come up with.

DIY Heaven

You can save money if you grow your own spices or vegetables. It’s easy to grow a single tomato plant in a pot, and you can fill your kitchen with pots of fresh basil, oregano, and mint. You can also learn how to make your own snacks using fresh vegetables. Zucchini chips and organic smoothies are a treasure, full of protein and healthy nutrients. Plus they’re more flavorful than the additive-filled versions you buy in stores.

How Can You Save Money on Organic Food?

There are plenty of small, easy ways to save money and still buy organic. You can find coupons for organic foods at websites such as All Natural Savings, watch for sales of organic food at your grocery store, or save money and time by ordering organic food online. (My Australian readers can order organic food here.) You can also grow your own, buy in bulk, or join a CSA (community supported agriculture). Do a bit of research, and find the method that works for you.

Get Informed

You’ll find a lot of information online about the benefits of organic food and ideas on how to use it every day. The Selene River Press blog is a great resource for informed articles on the topic and recipes that use organic ingredients. SRP also has a Real Food FAQ page dedicated to the unvarnished truth about nutrition. If you want to take your quest for nutrition knowledge further, SRP offers select books, ebooks, and self-health education materials, including these excellent titles on organic gardening.

Some things in life are worth making the effort—such is the case with your diet. To stay healthy you should do some research and be prepared to spend a bit more money. These actions will be much better for you and your body than taking the easy road. Make a small effort for your health and future, and you’ll be grateful down the road.

Gabriella Diesendorf

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