QuickStart Your Nutrition Practice, Part III: Patient Education, Communications & Staff Training

One may think that running a business in the world of personal health is very cut and dried, and it would be if you were the only one in the market offering your particular services to patients. However, there is this issue called “competition,” which means you are not competing against one other health practice but many practices. Bringing in new business and maintaining old business can be quite challenging for many, which is why I highly suggest you look into a seminar by Dr. Chris and Melissa Taylor: QuickStart Your Nutrition Practice, Part III: Patient Education, Communications and Staff Training.” These two incredible instructors will be teaching skills for Patient Personality & Communication Styles, Components of Patient Education, Community Outreach and Interacting with Media and Technology. Join Melissa Taylor and her husband Chris Taylor on December 7, 2013, at the Marriott City Center, Salt Lake City, UT, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for an interesting seminar that will surely benefit you and your patients.

Melissa Taylor is an experienced practice manager, nutritional counselor and patient educator with years of experience running a very successful practice in a small town in Utah. Her former life in the corporate world of marketing and corporate training with her BS in Marketing, a minor in Human Resources and experience in Fortune 100 companies as a training director has allowed her to use these business practices in her and her husband’s private practice and have made them very successful in their field. Dr. Chris Taylor is a very successful upper-cervical chiropractor and has, with Melissa, established a successful cash practice that integrates whole food nutrition and herbal therapies in Utah.

Would you like to learn how they do it? Then join Dr. Chris and Melissa Taylor for a day of incredible information on how to better interact with your patients, organize health talks, and much, much more!

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Peggy Sue Meininger

Peggy Sue Meininger is Director of Sales for Selene River Press.

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