Adjuvant Protocols for Healing:
A Practitioner’s Manual


This manual gives clinicians a clear direction for creating nutrition protocols that can achieve the most successful outcome for their clients. The perceptive practitioner will be able to create a directed course of therapeutic care through supplementation while developing their knowledge of which plant, animal, and/or herbal substance can be used for specific phases of malnutrition.

For generations, our bodies have been starved of the essential nutrient building blocks: vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats. Premature aging, heart challenges, cancer, and degenerative conditions leading to autoimmune reactions are the inevitable consequence of this permanent state of semi-starvation. To reverse these trends using natural, nontoxic, and safe whole food supplements is the quest of healers everywhere. Adjuvant Protocols for Healing is an invaluable nutrition reference guide and companion to this work.

Author: Joseph Antell, NC
Pages: 448

This book is a hardcover but lays flat and folds back like a spiral notebook.