Cooking Techniques for the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet, Part III: Lacto-Fermentation



This third volume of Monica Corrado’s Cooking Techniques series is an informational powerhouse of a book. This time the focus is on gut-healthy lacto-ferments: what they are, why you need them, how to make them, and so much more. Whether your goal is to introduce these healthy foods into your diet, use them as a fundamental part of the GAPS healing protocol, or enjoy your own homemade beet kvass, veggie medley, and sauerkraut (to name a few), Cooking Techniques III has the goods.

This spiral-bound edition is perfect for those who need a light, easy-to-handle format for use while cooking.

All four books in Monica’s Cooking Techniques series, plus additional new material, are now gathered in The Complete Cooking Techniques for the GAPS Diet, 2nd edition, available in spiral-bound, pdf, or ebook editions.

Author: Monica Corrado