Cardiovascular: Endurance, Performance, Maintenance – A Review of Mark Anderson’s Back to School for Doctors 2015 Seminar


At Back to School for Doctors 2015, holistic health care providers gathered from all over the country for Mark R. Anderson’s seminar titled Cardiovascular Endurance, Performance & Maintenance. Now acclaimed educator, clinician, and writer Dr. Gaeta covers this territory anew in his Review of Mark Anderson’s BTS 2015 Seminar, available through Vimeo on demand. Gaeta’s critical assessment—informed by over 25 years of clinical experience—is a unique opportunity for practitioners to deepen their knowledge of all aspects of cardiovascular health. This is an essential educational tool you’ll refer to again and again. Your purchase of this Vimeo presentation includes all of Anderson’s original slides, notes, and reference materials from BTS 2015.

Running time: 6 hours, 42 minutes
Available Formats: MP3 (available here), Video on Demand (available at Vimeo)