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Welcome to your discount EDU bundle! Get ready to sharpen your ability to use Standard Process products, easily incorporate them into your practice, and gain ever more confidence in your practice of holistic therapeutic nutrition.

Back to School for Doctors 2006–2007: Can You Handle the Truth?

If you're a wholistic practitioner, you owe it to yourself to explore this three-part collection from the ongoing series "Nutritional Therapeutics" created by Mark R. Anderson. This riveting series of lectures covers a breathtaking range of topics: Part One (2006) discusses the foundations of wholistic health care. Part Two (2007) exposes the dangers of antioxidant supplements, including the origin and steady erosion of support for antioxidant theory. Part Three (2007) explores iodine, arguably the most overlooked essential nutrient in the world. And that's just a small sampling from the vast well of knowledge you'll find in this remarkable, wide-ranging collection.

Author: Mark R. Anderson
Running time: 12 hours, 30 minutes (all three parts)
Format: set of downloadable MP3s, with PDF notes

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Closed Head Injuries, Mental Illness, Dementia: Dr. Royal Lee—Sixty Years On

Modern medicine is just beginning to connect the dots between closed-head injuries and mental disorders. But as nutrition researcher and historian Mark R. Anderson presents in these rare audio recordings, Dr. Royal Lee first detailed this connection more than six decades ago. And while medicine remains in the dark about the nature of this mechanism, emerging research is increasingly and rapidly pointing to the correctness of Dr. Lee’s theory. As modern medicine gropes to find a solution to the problem of trauma-induced brain dysfunction, Anderson supplies an outline of nutritional therapy based on Dr. Lee’s work to help counter the effects of such trauma and allow the brain to recover.

Author: Mark R. Anderson
Available as downloadable MP3s with accompanying PDF references
Total runtime: 1 hour, 3 minutes


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