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Udderly Cultured

Hey everyone, it’s Danielle again. For my product review today, I am utterly delighted to share with you one of my absolute top products at Selene River Press, Udderly Culture: The Art of Milk Fermentation by Phyllis Quinn.

This book is extra near and dear to my heart because a little over a year ago, we lost our beautiful Phyllis. And Phyllis, if anybody knows anything about her, was an incredible woman who had some of the most beautiful spice of life of anyone I’ve ever met. She’s got a blog at SRP, Ask Chef Phyllis, and I recommend everybody to go check that out and read through some of her posts.

All her posts are full of delicious recipes. She was an incredible chef. But they all tell stories about her own life, her travels, restaurants that she owned, and adventures with her family. She was such a beautiful example of just living life to the fullest, grasping any challenge you have by the horns, and heading to straight on to it and making the best of everything. I loved reading her posts. I miss her dearly and I’m so excited that we get to keep her alive through her beautiful products.

This product, Udderly Culture, is amazing for, of course, milk fermentation. It’s broken into three parts. The first part is all about methods for culturing milk, cheese, butter, and cream. She goes through all the different ways that we can ferment these wonderful and nutritious products. Something else I really love is she even takes the time to show us individual photos of every step of the process.

As you go through the book and you’re doing these methods, she’s got photos to show you so you know that you’re on track, and that you are making sure that you’re doing it the correct way so you have a beautiful final product.

Part two is her savory and sweet recipes for using those beautiful, cultured milk, cheese, butter and creams that you just made. You’ve made these cultured milk products, and she can help turn those into delicious recipes. Recipes like fruit parfaits, Caprese salads, Margarita pizzas, and so many other wonderful desserts and savory items.

Part three is my absolute favorite: elegant recipes for raw milk products. I’m a baker. I love to bake, but it’s something that can be really challenging to do in a healthy way. This is such an awesome way to be able to create these beautiful and elegant desserts that I love and know that I’m doing it in a healthy way that’s good for my body and for those that I’m feeding it to.

Udderly Cultured is wonderful. It’s a great staple for any kitchen, whether for you, a family member, a friend, or even to hang in your office so while people waiting they can snag some really incredible recipes to keep their bodies healthy.

I recommend it to everyone. You can head over to to purchase yours today.

Thank you so much.



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