Super Nutrition for Babies Is Here!

In Super Nutrition for Babies, authors Katherine Erlich and Kelly Genzlinger tell you exactly “when, how, why, and what” to feed your baby in this invaluable guide to nutrition for every stage of your child’s growth. They recommend a focus on nutrient-rich foods and the elimination of refined and processed foods from both mother and baby’s diet.

The book offers many recipes to help you fulfill the authors’ nutritional recommendations, but it’s more than just a list of healthy recipes for baby; it’s full of tips, tricks, and ideas for making healthy meals. Their nutritional plan addresses the unique nutrient needs for growing babies and their Super Nutrition food categories give you a convenient way to remember how to choose the healthiest foods possible for your bundle of joy.

Throughout the chapters outlining different stages of baby’s development, you’ll find out when and how to address pertinent issues, such as nursing dietary guidelines, food allergies, reducing exposure to toxins, dental care, supplements for mom and baby, and much more.



Samantha Prust

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