Sweet Potato, Apple, and Sausage Hash with Kale and Eggs

Sweet Potato Hash

Towards the end of January, I decided to embark on a cleanse of sorts. This is something I often do in late winter or early spring to give my body a break. The ritual also helps me rid myself of toxins that accumulate over the holiday season, when my job gets very demanding, and I tend to eat more poorly than usual. But this year was a little different. A friend of mine was put on a fairly strict Paleo-esque regimen to address some medical issues, and this new angle inspired me to start as well. What better way to help myself and support my friend at the same time!

I’m a very active woman—a single mother with a thriving business and a devotion to yoga practice. I need sustenance to keep up. Lots of it. But when I speak to friends and clients about making dietary changes and the topic of cleanses and detoxes comes up, I learn they’re essentially starving the entire time. They eliminate all sorts of foods, but don’t replace the missing components with equal—or improved—nutrient dense foods. They’re left feeling lethargic, cranky, and weak. All this effort only creates additional stress on the body, when what they were trying to do is give it life!

This easy, filling meal does just that. It will give you the energy you need to start or finish your day with vigor. I find it especially helpful before an active workout because the satisfying blend of slow-burning carbohydrates, protein, and fat will keep you going for hours. I like to make a big batch to have readily available, so all I have to do is heat it up and cook fresh eggs to order. I love the runny yolk that seeps over the hot hash and creates a luscious sauce. Great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner—and kids seem to like it too!

Sweet Potato, Apple, and Sausage Hash with Kale and Eggs

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes
Serves 4

4 tablespoons butter, divided
1 onion, diced
2 medium garnet yams, peeled, cut in quarters lengthwise, and sliced 1/8-inch thick
Salt and pepper
2 green apples, diced
4 cooked sausages, your choice of pork, chicken, or turkey, cut in half moons
1 bunch kale, chopped
4–8 eggs
Sharp raw cheddar or Parmesan cheese (optional)


  1. Melt 3 tablespoons of the butter in a large sauté pan. Add onions and yams. Season with salt and pepper, then add a little water. Cover to steam-sauté until tender, about 10 minutes.
  2. Add apples, cooked sausage, and chopped kale. Toss to combine. Cook until apples are crisp-tender and kale is bright green. If mixture seems dry at all, add a little more water. Adjust seasonings to taste.
  3. In a clean pan, melt remaining butter. Cook eggs to your liking. I cook mine on one side, then add a splash of water and cover just until the whites set and the yolks are soft to medium set.
  4. Divide hash among plates and top with one to two eggs per serving. For an extra treat, add a grating of sharp raw cheddar or parmesan to the top if desired.


To choose your organically grown and fresh ingredients wisely, use the following criteria:

  • chemical- and hormone-free meat
  • wild-caught fish
  • pasture-raised, organic eggs
  • whole, unrefined grains
  • virgin, unrefined, first-press organic oils
  • whole-food, unrefined sweeteners
  • pure, clean, spring water
  • sea salt
  • raw and/or cultured milk and cream products

Briana Goodall, CPC

Briana Goodall is Chef and Owner of Green Cuisine Personal Chef Service. Visit her website at www.mygreencuisine.com.

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