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“B”ing the Best Student

We have arrived at back to school! Kids are starting both classes and sports, so this is a vital time to take a look at the children of your patients.  Did you know that every year teenage athletes drop dead from sudden cardiac arrest? According to the Cleveland Clinic, sudden cardiac death kills one in 100,000 to one in 300,000 athletes under the age of 35, more often males. Sudden cardiac arrest is due to an “electrical” problem in the heart. […]

What Would Later School Start Times Do For Your Kids?

I refuse to believe I’m the only parent who fights the get-out-of-bed-now battle every school morning. I long for the days when my kids were little and got up all on their own with time to get dressed, eat a leisurely breakfast, pack a lunch, and still have time to play. Man, those were the […]

SRP Introduces an Essential New Book on Childbirth

It’s not every day that a new book geared to new parents promotes an entirely new understanding of birth—yet that book is finally here, and it’s called Your Baby’s Microbiome. Written by Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford (authors of the award-winning documentary Microbirth), this book is an important read for would-be parents who want to […]