Topic: Menopausal Sleep Disorders and Cataplex B Core with Eva Larson

Reprinted with permission from Kim Sperry Consulting.

Eva Larson is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and clinical nutritionist in San Francisco. I had a chance to catch up with her in her new “Acupuncture Hive” clinic, during which she shared with me her novel in-office uses for Cataplex B-Core and Organically Bound Minerals:

“I know that practitioners using our new Cataplex B Core in conjunction with the Heart Sound Recorder are seeing almost instantaneous results! We all know that B complex is great for stress and calming the nervous system, but Cataplex B Core also seems to work with menopausal women not being able to sleep well.

I also tried it on a whim in the office with a patient who had a nasty hangover and was on the verge of a panic attack. Knowing that alcohol depletes B vitamins, I gave it a shot and she calmed down within 5 minutes!

Organically Bound Minerals is like applying the brakes to the sympathetic nervous system (Type A personality) and supportive of the parasympathetic (rest & repair) nervous system, so this one is more of a no brainer and also works super-fast ”

Wow, all that BEFORE her patients get an acupuncture treatment! Thanks for sharing your insight with us Eva. I personally take Cataplex B Core and here are my thoughts on why it works so well:

The new Cataplex B-Core is one of those “everyone-should-take-this” products.

Between today’s over-processing of grains to our very prevalent digestive issues, most people don’t get enough B-complex vitamins.  What’s worse, many of our patients are taking synthetic B vitamins from dubious sources (coal tar, anyone?), in an attempt to correct their deficiencies.  We are obliged to explain to our patients that B vitamins do not occur in isolation in nature – we HAVE to get them from whole food sources!

Cataplex B-Core includes many of these B vitamins, plus one you won’t find on the label:  vitamin B-4.  This is what Dr Royal Lee described as “the anti-paralysis” vitamin, but since it can’t be isolated from B-1, it has not been studied and sanctioned for use by allopathic medicine or the nutraceutical industry.

Nonetheless, think about your patients that are feeling sapped of energy all the time: they may be deficient in vitamins B-1 and the elusive B-4.  Their muscles ache, they may have cardiovascular issues,  and although they are tired all the time, they may not sleep well.  Give them 2-3 Cataplex B-Core per day and watch what happens!  It’s made from liver, beets, and other foods that they might not normally eat.

Sharone Franzen
Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Note from Kim: Thanks Sharone and Eva! Many vitamins produced today are from fossil fuels, ammonia and hydrogenated sugar processed with acetone. As natural health professionals, we mostly agree that humans should not try to consume petroleum derivatives or hydrogenated sugars, but may be overlooking this fact when vitamin supplementation is involved. Numerous B Vitamins are manufactured  at  Reilly Tar and Chemical’s labs based in Indiana and Minnesota, using coal tar to make creosote, tar and the B vitamins. Yuck!

Your Menopausal Sleep Challenges also reminds me of question #51 available on our Systems Survey Form, “awaken after a few hours sleep-hard to get back to sleep” was an excellent indication of the need for Cataplex B-and now our new Cataplex B Core.

Our new Cataplex B Core is stronger than Cataplex B-suggested use is usually only 2 daily. Rather than coal tar, it’s taken from liver, yeast and rice bran naturally high in thiamine and adenine, and the beet root serves as a methyl donor.

If any of you are interested in complementing your own Patient Intake Form with our Systems Survey and would like to know how to use it, feel free to reach out to Sharone, Amy or myself. We’re all familiar with it and would be happy to share how successful it can be for you.

Here’s to a good night’s sleep,


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Sharone Franzen

Sharone Franzen is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and clinical nutritionist in San Francisco, CA, and the founder of Blue Willow Acupuncture. Her career in health care started with her own chronic pain, which she’d been managing for years with too many pain relievers. After finally getting to the root cause of her condition with Chinese Medicine, her course was clear. Now she incorporates Chinese and Western herbology and nutrition into her treatment of many chronic health issues for her patients.

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