An In-Depth Conversation with Author Dixie Huey

Welcome to the latest installment of our Selene River Press practitioner interviews. In this interview author Dixie Huey delves into the inspiration and importance of The Nourishment Mindset.

In my conversation with Dixie, we discuss the evidence-based approach to healing the metabolic dysfunction plaguing America. We explore the deep health benefits to an often lost tradition: sitting down and eating dinner at the table as a family. A long-standing tradition that has been widely replaced with fast, on-the-go, unhealthy meals.

Dixie also opens up about her deeply personal story of heartbreak and redemption with her relationship with food. A truly beautiful conversation with a beautiful author!

To watch the interview, press play on the video below or click here.


Dixie Huey

Dixie Huey is on a metabolic mission to help people elevate their health and regain the vitality we all deserve, one pleasurable real, whole foods meal at a time. She offers health and fitness coaching through her private practice, Favor Fat, and is the author of The Nourishment Mindset book and pod/videocast.

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