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Anything Can Cause Anything

“Anything can cause anything!” “You don’t always have what you got!” These phrases I learned from Dr. Victor Frank, the developer of Total Body Modification (TBM). I remind myself of them daily, but especially when I feel stuck with a patient. You know, I’ve tried all of these other things, and I think…what do I […]

Good to Know:
Ragland’s Test

There are many “SIMPLE” tests you can perform on your patients to determine the function of the body and the body’s systems. I have dedicated the last 10 years in sharing what I have learned to other practitioners so that they may be more effective in treating their patients. One such test is Ragland’s Test […]

Every Patient Visit Is an Open Book Quiz

As a healthcare provider, I find value in displaying charts on the wall and keeping other references handy that remind me of successful procedures and applications of Standard Process whole food supplements, including when to use them. Ever wish you could remember all the important things you learned over the years? I know I have! […]

Muscle Testing:
Fact or Fantasy?

Muscle testing—what a wonderful tool. Chiropractors have been using it successfully since 1964, and since then other healthcare practitioners have incorporated it into their practice, including neurologists. Yep, on the sidelines of sporting events you will occasionally see a neurologist pushing on an athlete’s arms to determine neurological injuries. Muscle testing was developed by Dr. […]

Why Nutrition Knowledge Is Essential for the Chiropractor

When I was a young chiropractor, I often heard stories about the adjustment that would finally bring patients the relief they had long sought. I also wondered when this “magic adjustment” would take hold and resolve the back issues and subluxation complexes of my own patients. It wasn’t until I undertook Dr. Scott Walker’s Neuro-Emotional […]