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Are you interested in eating healthy but don’t know where to start? With all the conflicting dietary advice out there, it’s no wonder that confusion reigns. Eat low fat. No, eat low carb. Eat vegetarian. No, eat like a caveman. How can you tell fact from fiction? There’s only one way: Get educated.

With the SRP Self-Health Starter Kit™, you’ll learn the basic principles of diet and health as revealed by Dr. Royal Lee and nutrition’s other great pioneerstruths that continue to stand the test of time as the unproven theories of today fall by the wayside. So get the Self-Health Kit, and get with it! You, too, can be a bonafide self-healther.

What’s in the Kit

When you order the SRP Self-Health Starter Kit™, you’ll receive the following fantastic resources all for the special low price of $55, which is a savings of $20 off the total-value price of $75. You’ll also get a free SRP tote bag:

  • Sample Audio Clips from Lectures of Dr. Lee, Volume II, by Dr. Royal Lee

Hear the father of holistic nutrition speak. In these audio excerpts from the 1950s and ’60s, Dr. Lee reflects on a lifetime of study and therapeutic application of nutrition. He explains why modern illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune disorders are the direct result of eating processed foods and why treating these starvation reactions with drugs is a tragic mistake.

In this concise primer on human nutrition, you’ll learn why plants grown in depleted soil—and animals raised on those plants—are severely deficient in vitamins and minerals, how years of consuming “foodless foods” have pushed most Americans drastically out of balance, how a diet of whole foods and concentrated whole-food supplements can reestablish the body’s normal functioning, and much more.

  • Healthy 4 Life, from the experts on ancestral health, the Weston A. Price Foundation

While modern nutrition misguidedly blames animal fat for our ill health and turns a blind eye to poisons such as processed sugar, flour, and seed oils, Healthy 4 Life presents the real super foods of the human race, as gleaned from the remarkable observations of Dr. Weston Price. The book’s ninety recipes, drawn from the four basic food groups of traditional human diets, are essential know-how for any nutritionally minded cook.

Find out why Royal Lee has been called the Einstein of Nutrition. This book, designed as a self-guided course, presents the fundamentals of human nutrition through the writings of the twentieth century’s greatest nutritionist. It features sixty-six essays by Dr. Lee, extensive lists of keywords and phrases to connect basic principles, and ruled margins on every page to record ideas and notes.

You want to eat better, but where do you start? How do you tell which foods are truly nutritious? Through practical advice and tips, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! shows how to move from a nutrient-deficient diet to one that maximizes nutrition, emphasizing the use of organic meats and produce, raw dairy products, and freshly milled grains. And—with “health” food stores today blurring the line between good foods and bad—Put Your Money reveals the keys to distinguishing genuinely wholesome products from well-marketed impostors.

Learn why taking just about any supplement sold at a health food store is a disastrous idea. In this powerful booklet, Murray draws from the findings of Dr. Royal Lee and other nutrition pioneers to show in scientific detail the difference between naturally balancing food-based vitamins and the inherently disruptive synthetics consumed by millions of Americans every day.

This handy pocket guide helps you find the highest-quality foods on the market and avoid the worst, from supermarket brands to those available only via mail order or online. Products are rated “Best,” “Good,” or “Avoid.”

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