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7 Ways to Restore Adrenal Health

Too many of my patients show up in my office without their adrenals. Well, technically, their adrenals may still be intact, but often they are having troubles such as: Low energy/excessive fatigue Insomnia Thyroid imbalance Unexplained weight gain or loss Muscle fatigue/soreness Anxiety or depression Poor digestion and/or multiple food intolerances Thinning hair Low libido […]

5 Steps to Improved Immune and Gut Health

Did you know that the lining of your intestine (also known as the second brain) plays a huge role in the health and strength of your immune system? That’s why you should pay close attention to the following conditions and address them before they offset the delicate balance of your gastrointestinal system: Irritable bowel Constipation/diarrhea […]

Spring Is Here! Cleanse and Detox

Why detox? Research suggests that many health problems are associated with prolonged exposure to various toxins in our environment, which can overburden our system and result in “dis-ease” or feelings of un-wellness. Who should detox? Everyone! All of our bodies produce toxins during the process of digestion and elimination, and when we fight infection and […]

6 Steps to a Healthy Thyroid

A sluggish thyroid affects much more than just your weight: it plays a role in managing body temperature, metabolism, and libido; regulating fluid balance and bowel transit time; and maintaining everything from healthy hair and nails to brain function to the female hormone cycle. Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid is sluggish, or functioning suboptimally. It’s […]