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How Do You Prep Your Kitchen for the School Year?

school bus

The new school year is just days away at our house. It marks the end of informal meals where we eat whenever hunger strikes and whatever sounds good in the moment. I do love the unstructured days of summer. With the approach of a more regimented mentality for mealtime during the school year, it pays […]

Sexy Ways to Stay Hydrated

Drinking water throughout the day is a good idea any time of the year. In the middle of August, it’s a necessity. Dehydration messes with all sorts of things your body needs to accomplish. While I rarely tire of a big ol’ glass of crystal clear water, I’ve heard from quite a few people that […]

The Dollars and Cents of Your Lifestyle

Piggy bank

A common argument for not eating healthy, nutrient-dense food is the fact that it’s too expensive. And it’s true—the price you pay at your local market is often double (or more) for the healthier organic versions of your favorite foods. But these immediate savings come with a hefty future price tag that you don’t see […]

The Unsung Hero of a Good Night’s Sleep


How much thought did you put into picking the pillows that are on your bed right now? Go ahead. March right into your bedroom, give them a good once over, and be perfectly honest. You and your pillows deserve the truth. And don’t worry, there’s no shame here—it’s a safe space. Truly. Go look. I’ll […]

Watermelon: A Sure Sign of Summer


Nothing makes me more giddy than walking up to the market entrance and seeing shopper after shopper hauling my favorite orb-shaped food to their vehicles. You know the one, all green and stripy on the outside and red and seedy on the inside. Yes, folks, the arrival of watermelon season is just one of Mother […]

What Would Sally Do?

Chef in training

Picture, if you will, a day in the not-so-distant future. Your grown child stands in the middle of his very own kitchen with a decision to make: what’s for dinner? Mealtime has come around again, and—whether he’s feeding only himself or his entire family—making it will be a snap if he’s been taught how to […]

Are You Screaming for Summer’s #1 Treat?

Ice cream and strawberries

It’s the end of June and the summer heat has really kicked in. We all have our favorite way of cooling down, whether it’s jumping into the neighborhood pool, cranking the air conditioning, or relaxing under a big ol’ shade tree. But one of the sweetest cooling-down tactics out there is also one of my […]

Do You Need a Little More Culture In Your Life?

Yogurt with blueberries

Ask some people how to bring more culture into their life, and I’m willing to bet there’ll be mention of plays, operas, and poetry. Ask them how to get more culture in their diet, and I guarantee they’ll talk about digestion, bacteria, and…grandmas. Wait. What? Why grandmas? Because more than likely, those well-versed in the […]

You Better Believe I Believe in Butter


Butter. Just hearing the word kicks in my salivary glands. Few things taste better than a steaming hot whole grain waffle with those crispy little pockets filled with melted butter and some real maple syrup. Am I right? Pair it with some bacon that’s taken a swim in the waffle runoff, and you’ve just created […]

Keep Your Brain Healthy This Summer

boy playing baseball

With this being the last week of school for our boys, summer fun lurks right around the corner. Of course, summer fun conjures different images for different people. While some envision lounging next to the pool or venturing into the wilderness for a camping trip, the Widish family’s summer fun can be summed up with […]

The #1 Exercise—No Matter Who You Are

No.1 exercise

Kettlebells, Bikram yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and CrossFit have all been the darling of the exercise world at one point or another, and some still are. Much like figuring out the superfood of the moment (I’m looking at you, wheatgrass), it can be sort of confusing figuring out how to be your healthiest self. […]

Zap Your Spring Cold with Echinacea


For years I’ve been hearing people talk about how wonderful echinacea is, yet I never ventured out to purchase any for our medicine cabinet. I can’t really tell you why. I guess I just didn’t want to add yet one more bottle to our collection of supplements. Plus I’ve always been more of a vitamins […]

I’m a Mom…Now What?!

mom and baby

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I can’t help but notice the marvelous abundance of new babies coming into the world of late. Whether I’m walking in my neighborhood or staying connected with far-off family and friends on social media, offering up congratulations to new parents seems to be the norm. With that one […]

The Moral of Morel Season

Morel mushrooms

When you meet someone who hunts morel mushrooms, you know you’ve just met a person you can share all of your most secret-y secrets with—and they’ll never tell. Why am I so certain of this? Well, morels are one of those elusive foodstuffs, and only a select few ever stumble across them while foraging in […]

An Open Letter from Your Skin

bare legs at pool

Dear Person, I’ve been meaning to talk with you about a few things but wasn’t sure how to approach it. The subtle signs I’ve been sending you don’t seem to be doing the trick, so now I’m going with a more direct approach in hopes we can remain friends. Just remember that I always have […]