Chiropractic Care for Kids

With a focus on proper spinal function, chiropractic care ensures that your nervous system communicates as it should. The brain continuously talks to the body through the spinal cord (which is protected by the spine). Restrictions in spinal movement, called subluxations, cause disturbance to this communication, creating dysfunction and dis-ease in the body. Chiropractors are the only profession trained to detect and correct these issues, ensuring proper function and restoring health.

Chiropractic care helps keep the nervous system clear so that it can properly assess the environment, helping adults and children alike adapt to demands, both in the body and the outside world. Stress, as I define it, is a “demand for change.” This can show up as physical, emotional, or chemical stressors.

At what age is your child exposed to the stresses of the world?

All of us, including children, are affected by gravity, pain, air pollution, chemicals in food and water, and other stressors. This is why chiropractic care is typically recommended as a wellness option even for children with no health concerns. Just like routinely brushing your teeth helps you avoid cavities, routinely getting adjusted helps ensure normal function and health in your body. Most people end up seeing a chiropractor for the first time due to injury or illness, and then they stick with their care once they see how dramatically it helps them with “unrelated” concerns. (But were these really unrelated concerns, or was the body also affected by a weakened nervous system?)

When is the best time to start working on your health—when you’re sick or right now?

Anyone can benefit from being checked by a chiropractor at any time, and getting adjusted when necessary. It is the only thing that helps the main thing in your body do the right thing!

Chiropractic care for kids is safe, gentle, and effective. In our office alone, we’ve helped countless children with earaches, digestive issues, asthma, and allergies feel better. Kids love chiropractic care and often race to be the first one on the table when it’s their turn. One of the purest joys I’ve had in my practice over the past ten years has been the opportunity to adjust newborns. These pure bundles of untapped potential have a powerful sense of intuition, and they’re able to show me if anything needs to be adjusted. The parents are often amazed at how relaxed and calm their baby is through the process.

Chiropractic care is part of a healthy lifestyle. Health itself is the culmination of every experience you have, from birth on through your final days. The better these experiences, and the better you respond to any challenges, the better your health.

The Night Before Wellness is a fun way to introduce these ideas to people of all ages, but especially kids. By playing off of a familiar poem, we introduce the big ideas of chiropractic care as a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. Get your copies today!

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Dr. David Kolowski

Dr. David Kolowski is a chiropractor, speaker, and author in Loveland, Colorado. His booklet The Night Before Wellness gives the Big Idea of natural healthcare to readers young and old. Dr. Kolowski describes his mission as helping people ask better questions while seeing the bigger picture. You can find him at Inside Health.

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