Do Germs Make Us Sick?

We’ve all been there—the fever, the sinus drainage, the congestion, the aches and pains. But nobody wants to be sick! Darn those nasty germs…it’s all their fault!

Or is it?

You might be surprised to learn that germs are everywhere. If you swab your shoes or purse, wipe it on a petri dish, and let it sit for a few days, you’ll find an amazing colony of bacteria and other funky things growing under the microscope. Germs are a part of our environment. But do they make us sick?

If the germ theory of disease were correct, none of us would be alive to believe in it! Germs are part of the natural environment, including the human body, and they always have been. Swab your own mouth or nose and you’ll see even more germs. Germs are all over the place, and we’re exposed to them all the time.

What actually keeps us from getting sick? The answer is our immune system, which constantly works to keep germs in the correct balance within the body. When we get worn down, do does our immune system. It starts losing power. Extra stressors and demands such as being out in the cold for too long, dealing with an emotionally exhausting week at work, or not keeping up with nutritious meals can all take a toll. When that happens, the germs slowly begin to spread, looking for weakened and damaged tissues to set up shop.

We don’t become sick because germs are present. We become sick because a sick body allows germs to flourish. Taking proper care of yourself helps keep the immune system operating at its highest level, and it comes down to just a few core principles. Eat well. Sleep well. Move well. Think well.

Clinically and personally, I’ve found that chiropractic and proper nutrition are the two biggest factors that influence health. Chiropractic care is the only approach that finds and corrects interference within the nervous system—the Master Control System of the human body. The nervous system controls the immune system, the digestive system (where 80 percent of the immune system resides), the musculoskeletal system, and all other systems. If you want your body to work as intended, you must start there.

For nutritional help, consult a health care practitioner who is trained in nutritional healing using whole food nutrition rather than someone at the drugstore. Our office specializes in Nutrition Response Testing, which can help you zero in on your individual needs in real-time. Your diet should consist of foods that are minimally processed and contain a full array of nutrition that will be properly utilized by the body. This is the food that nature intended for us.

We have a lot of options when it comes to regaining or maintaining our health, but we still have to follow the natural rules to get there. I wrote The Night Before Wellness to introduce kids and adults alike to the Big Idea behind natural health care. Get your copies today and start spreading the Big Idea to your community.

It’s much easier to stay healthy than it is to regain your health once it’s lost. There’s no better reason to start seeing a qualified practitioner for chiropractic and nutritional help today!

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Dr. David Kolowski

Dr. David Kolowski is a chiropractor, speaker, and author in Loveland, Colorado. His booklet The Night Before Wellness gives the Big Idea of natural healthcare to readers young and old. Dr. Kolowski describes his mission as helping people ask better questions while seeing the bigger picture. You can find him at Inside Health.

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