Classic Titles for Modern Times: New MP3s from SRP

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Ready, set, download! Select products from Selene River Press are now available as downloadable MP3s, and we’re hard at work to bring you more in the coming weeks and months. For now, you can start with some of our core audio titles. Previously only available as CDs, you won’t find this profoundly important work anywhere else:

Closed Head Injuries, Mental Illness, Dementia: Dr. Royal Lee—Sixty Years On, presented by Mark R. Anderson. Modern medicine is still struggling to understand the intersection between closed-head injuries and mental disorders. But as you’ll hear in these rare audio recordings, Dr. Royal Lee first described the connection more than six decades ago, and emerging research is increasingly and rapidly pointing to the correctness of Lee’s theory.

The Triad: Dr. Royal Lee and the Immune System, presented by Mark R. Anderson, with an introduction by Stephanie Selene Anderson. This extraordinary two-hour presentation spans over three-quarters of a century of research that gets at the very heart of human survival. Learn how the work of Dr. Royal Lee has been independently and repeatedly validated at the highest level of medical research. The Triad makes it clear why the failure of mainstream medicine to apply Lee’s research has led to negative health consequences for much of society.

Back to School for Doctors 2005, presented by Mark R. Anderson. This important offering from the ongoing “Nutritional Therapeutics” series examines how the defective nutritional patterns we see reflected in so much of modern life may be an underlying cause of osteoarthritis, autism, ADHD, intervertebral disc lesions, and other medical-mystifying disorders.

Back to School for Doctors 2006/2007, presented by Mark R. Anderson. This riveting series of lectures covers a breathtaking range of topics: Part One (2006) discusses the foundations of holistic health care. Part Two (2007) exposes the dangers of antioxidant supplements, including the origin and steady erosion of support for antioxidant theory. Part Three (2007) explores iodine, arguably the most overlooked essential nutrient in the world. And that’s just a small sampling from the vast well of knowledge you’ll find in this remarkable, wide-ranging collection.

Legendary Formulas of Dr. Royal Lee, presented by Dr. Michael Dobbins. Learn how to better apply the entire core line of Standard Process products in your nutritional therapy practice with this professional resource for clinicians. Dr. Michael Dobbins draws on his in-depth clinical experience to illustrate the uses of Royal Lee’s most famous formulations.

The Top Ten Prescription Drugs, presented by Dr. Michael Dobbins. With his expansive knowledge of nutritional and herbal approaches, Dr. Michael Dobbins has earned a reputation as a “doctor’s doctor.” In this special audio seminar, Dobbins discusses his most successful alternatives to America’s top ten prescription drugs, offering holistic practitioners a wide range of natural strategies to treat their patients.

Balancing Body Chemistry with Whole Food Nutrition, presented by Dr. Lynne August. Millions of blood tests are performed each year, but almost none are analyzed from a true nutritional perspective, which often results in drug prescriptions. With Dr. August’s guidance, you’ll learn to use a standard chemistry profile and complete blood count to perform a functional and nutritional evaluation instead. Drawing on thirty years of research and practice, Dr. August explains how you can employ whole food nutrition to improve the health of your patients.

Informed Nutrition from Expert Nutrition Advisor, presented by Dr. Michael Gaeta and Richard Schmitt. These audio tracks will help your patients:

  • Understand the concepts and principles every patient should know about nutrition.
  • Benefit from a meaningful education about the supplements you recommend.
  • Understand why they need specific supplements to maintain their health.
  • Answer the question of what supplements they should take to maintain optimum health.
  • Take advantage of Dr. Gaeta’s protocols for more than twenty specific conditions.
  • Learn about the lifestyle changes that will speed their recovery.

What else is coming down the pike? In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be adding the following titles:

  • Back to School for Doctors 1999/2000 and 1997/1998 – presented by Mark R. Anderson
  • Lectures of Royal Lee, Volume II – presented by Dr. Royal Lee

Keep checking in at SRP, and we’ll let you know when these titles are ready to add to your downloading queue.

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Heather Wilkinson is Senior Editor at Selene River Press.

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