Dr. Dority on the 33 Royal Principles of Health:
#1. The Major Premise

Welcome to “The Royal Principles of Health,” written by Dr. Michael Dority and presented by Selene River Press. 
This fascinating series is based on the 33 principles of chiropractic identified by R.W. Stephenson, DC, PhC, in his 
1927 classic Chiropractic Textbook. Dr. Dority calls these the “Royal Principles of Health” and invites you to learn 
how these foundational tenets illustrate the forces of universal intelligence that guide and determine our existence.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Royal Principle #1 states: “A Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.”

Wow, what a year it’s been! Where do we go from here? Just as the needle of a compass will spin wildly the more you move, when you stop and steady yourself, it will slow and finds its way to true north. It always ends up there.

In 2020, we all had to shift the way we thought, lived, and worked. We redirected our plans as we navigated through new challenges and stressors in our lives. Now in 2021, we need to steady our “life compass,” set a new course, and find our way to a safe and healthy harbor. So let’s debark to our true north—full speed ahead and steady as she goes.

In this series I will cover what I call the 33 Royal Principles. A principle is a fundamental truth that serves as a foundation for a system of belief or reasoning. The principles I will be expanding upon all originate from R.W. Stephenson’s Chiropractic Textbook. Published in 1921, this landmark text lays out not only a philosophy of chiropractic but also a practical, comprehensive knowledge of the biological forces at work within the healing art and discipline known as chiropractic. I consider these royal principles to be principles of supreme authority and intelligence that describe the governing forces behind the organization and manifestation of life.

As practitioners, most of us recognize that our ability to heal the human body comes from the manifesting principle of a living life force. Healing occurs when obstruction is removed and the body is reconnected to this life force.

The word life comes from the Greek word bios, from which we also get the word biology. Our biology starts with the events that lead to the creation of a human life: when sperm and egg unite and we are created in the womb of our mother. The word force, from the Greek word Kratos, means the outward, eruptive power of life that manifests in us at our conception.

From this basis, we can see that the human body is a manifestation of the principle of creation, of living life in a well-ordered way. To express the full potential of this life, we need to maintain it properly. Stephenson saw this as the first of the 33 Principles that form the foundational understanding of the healing practice of chiropractic: “There is a Universal Intelligence in all matter which continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.”

Inevitably, we ask how this “Intelligence” moves throughout the body. Simple! This power is transmitted from our brain cells to our body cells, and then back from our body cells to our brain cells, by our nervous system. The circle of life. But what makes up all of the cells that are created with the birth of a new baby? Our strength starts at our conception, as does everything in us. The genetic code carried in the egg and sperm made the individual you became. It all starts at conception.

The basic cellular matrix of the egg and sperm is made up of proteins, amino acids, and fatty acids. A 2014 paper published in the Journal Proteome Research identified 1,157 proteins in cells. The researchers found alterations of 80 proteins that were expressed differently in human cells. What does this mean? Proteomic is the study of sets of proteins that are expressed in the development of cells. In simple terms, it is the study of the proteins carried in our mother’s eggs and our father’s sperm. And it appears that these proteins are a vital component needed “in the beginning” of our very creation.

Let’s look at that sexy little egg. You girls start producing eggs—up to seven million of them—at nine weeks after your conception. Yet by the time of your birth your egg count has dropped down to approximately 400,000. (Call the midwife!) You girls also have big eggs, about 100 microns in diameter. This is huge compared to the little “tail wagers” we males possess. Your eggs have a special little organelle that releases proteins and enzymes. (Wow, there we go again, more proteins.) Once a sperm gets into the egg, these enzymes block other sperm from doing the same. (It’s like the girl you want to take to the homecoming dance saying no because she already has a date.)

As for us males, the “tail wagers” in our sperm are composed of proteins, which are built from amino acids. An estimated 126 amino acids comprise the matrix of sperm cells. All of these proteins are necessary to get the sperm ramped up enough to swim up to and into the egg. Gee! Us guys always have to do all the work!

These proteins oligomerize, meaning they assemble into bigger protein complexes that form the sperm’s filament bundles so it can swim. Sounds like it’s alive. The sperm head cap (the real reason we males like to wear ball caps), called the acrosome, is full of enzymes made up of amino acids. (Here we go again, more protein components.) They digest the egg shell, making it possible for the sperm to penetrate and fertilize it, referred to as “nuclear docking.” Two shall become one. (Wow! Finally, after seven notes passed in class and three encounters in the hallway, she finally says yes to the homecoming dance. Alright! A real date!)

The miracle of life begins when egg and sperm meet. It’s an amazing “nuclear docking.” Love at first site. This is a total metamorphosis, from the Greek word for exchange, to take on a new outward form. The creation of a new, unique human being.

To live, reproduce, and provide a healthy home for our new creation, we ourselves need to be healthy and whole. Remember, egg and sperm are composed of proteins. These amino acid-protein building blocks are bestowed within us by the foods our parents ate and by the foods we eat.

The processes responsible for transforming the food you eat into the cells of your body—and that of your developing baby—are prioritized and controlled by the brain and nervous system. Thus, for sperm and egg to be strong and vital enough to do their job of “docking,” they need real foods, 100 percent nerve control, and an emotionally healthy environment.

It is with chiropractic care that we keep our Universal Intelligence flowing over our nerves. Through our amazing nervous system, we keep our Universal Intelligence working at its best to “talk” health to our own cells and to fetal cells. Eating a whole food diet of healthy proteins and natural fats helps maintain these cells and build them up to their maximum potential.

Further, hubby and wife need specific vitamins and minerals to procreate, or to ktisis (sounds like kissing) in Greek, which means to create. These are as follows from Standard Process:

For her:

For him:

For both:

Keep your fire of life and love ablaze in your naos (Greek for temple of the body). Hold your compass of life and health steady and stay on the path to true health.

Some things to think about:

  1. Are you under chiropractic care?
  2. Do you have access to Standard Process products?
  3. Have you searched out a neuro-emotional practitioner?

“The entire fruit is already present in the seed.”

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Dr. Michael Dority

DR. MICHAEL DORITY, now retired from his 44 years of chiropractic practice in Nebraska, credits his professional success to supporting the patient’s nervous system with whole foods, whole food supplements, and patient education. He has contributed to the health and well-being of many grateful families over the years. You can find Dr. Dority’s patient education posters here at Selene River Press.

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