Dr. Dority on the 33 Royal Principles of Health:
#9. The Amount of Force Created by Intelligence

Welcome to “The Royal Principles of Health,” written by Dr. Michael Dority and presented by Selene River Press. 
This fascinating series is based on the 33 principles of chiropractic identified by R.W. Stephenson, DC, PhC, in his 
1927 classic Chiropractic Textbook. Dr. Dority calls these the “Royal Principles of Health” and invites you to learn 
how these foundational tenets illustrate the forces of universal intelligence that guide and determine our existence.

How Can I Help You?

Royal Principle #9 states: “The amount of force created by intelligence is always 100%.”

“No structure can be any better than its foundation. Good nutrition is the foundation of health. What we eat today becomes our body tomorrow. The mysterious ailments we develop by reason of carelessness in choosing our food is the inevitable result of our trying to make something out of nothing. Heart disease, arthritis, cancer, tooth decay, pyorrhea all appear to be the end results of our own carelessness and neglect to eat honest food.”

So says Dr. Royal Lee in the Lectures of Dr. Royal Lee, Volume I. I recommend that you search this book out for yourself to learn from Dr. Lee’s teachings.

Now to quote from the wisdom of the ages, the Bible says, “For lack of knowledge my people perish.” Do our patients, friends and family perish before our very eyes for our lack of knowledge?

Speaking of wisdom, B.J. Palmer, DC, PhC, stated, “Every organ in your body is connected to the one under your hat.”

We know more about how our body functions today, yet what we have learned was innate knowledge to Dr. Lee and Dr. Palmer. Neuroscience shows how vital it is for our brains to maintain an accurate inner “map” of all our joints and muscles as well as their corresponding position and movements. Our brain must translate and interpret this sensory information in order to create an effective response to it. Further, this brain-to-body and body-to-brain talk goes on with your digestion and elimination, and also in all of the body responses that travel through the nervous system, including your immune response, stress response, love response, anger response, and temperature response.

When I was a kid on the farm, we butchered chickens. When Dad cut a chicken’s head off with his hatchet, the chicken always responded in the same way—it’s body would run all over like, well, like a chicken with its head cut off. A few seconds later it would fall to the ground, dead.

You could say the chicken had a total brain-to-body and body-to-brain blockage. The brain could not communicate with the body, and the body could not respond to brain. No food or nutrition you set before the chicken would heal it. Its life force was gone. The chicken would no longer respond to my touch because the life force was no longer present in its body.

Are we a bunch of chickens? As natural providers of the causes of health, are we telling the chiropractic and nutritional stories that would benefit our patients? People perish for lack of knowledge!

There is nothing mystical about the power that creates and heals the body. That Intelligence is always 100 percent available to us, unless we are starved of vital nutritional requirements and/or have subluxations. Because of lack of knowledge and lack of inquiry, many people do not respect their body’s Intelligence. We see this life force in action every second of every day. You can see it when you nick yourself shaving. As you reflect on the face in the mirror, the cut soon stops bleeding. The body, infused with the life force, begins to heal.

Some things to think about:

  1. Are you keeping 100 percent life flow not only in your own body but also in the bodies of your patients?
  2. Read The Reality Check: A Quest to Understand Chiropractic from the Inside Out by Dr. Heidi Haavik.
  3. Study the Lectures of Dr. Royal Lee, Volume I.

And now allow me to leave you with some words of my own: Honorable and principled are the foundations and structures of your health.

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Dr. Michael Dority

DR. MICHAEL DORITY, now retired from his 44 years of chiropractic practice in Nebraska, credits his professional success to supporting the patient’s nervous system with whole foods, whole food supplements, and patient education. He has contributed to the health and well-being of many grateful families over the years. You can find Dr. Dority’s patient education posters here at Selene River Press.

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