When Exercise Gets Boring, Join a Group

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A favorite neighbor mentioned to me the other day that she’s bored with exercising on her own. Half an hour in, and she’s ready to walk away. This surprised me because she’s a very fit momma with two young kids. I always assumed this level of physical fitness was achieved by health nuts who exercised all day, if their schedule allowed—no prodding required.

It kinda made me feel better about my own roller coaster ride of motivation when it comes to sticking with an exercise routine. Maybe it doesn’t mean I’m lazy and twisted—perhaps I’m merely human. I took solace in that.

But that’s no excuse to just give up and not exercise. It’s an essential part of optimal health. Right? So what should we do when exercise gets boring?

My lovely neighbor’s solution for combating the monotony of exercise is group classes, specifically CrossFit. Turns out, there are several benefits that come with group exercise:

Accountability. This one makes total sense to me. When you commit to going to a workout class with a group of people, you’re less likely to just quit halfway through, walk out to your car, and drive home. Once class has begun, chances are pretty darn good that you’ll complete the whole thing. And reap the benefits to boot.

Spin classSafe and effective workout. I like to think that fitness clubs are choosy about who they hire to run a class. They aren’t going to hire someone whose resume says “Expert at jumping jacks.” Correct? Anyone motivated enough to teach a class at a fitness club will probably have a plan that keeps people coming back for more. And, hey, if you don’t like the instructor at a particular time slot, chances are pretty good you can find a different instructor at a different time. Or a different group class at the same time.

Variety. When you attend a class led by an instructor, you don’t have to know what you’re doing. It’s your instructor’s job to make sure you’re doing the exercises properly and help you make any necessary adjustments. Since you can find group classes in everything from Jazzercise to kickboxing, you could do something new every week if that’s what you need.

You feel like a kid again. This is an angle I hadn’t thought of. But if you think about being a kid, remember a favorite pastime all the way through your teenage years was hanging out with a group of people and doing some sort of activity? Well, group exercise classes can be the adult version of those Friday night hangs. They give you a sense of camaraderie and conviviality.

If you’re bored with exercise, join a group to see if it revitalizes your interest. It could be just the thing to keep you going. In the end, the #1 exercise for anyone, no matter who you are, is the one that keeps you coming back for more—even if that means changing it up every once in a while.

What’s your best advice for avoiding the boredom trap of exercise?

Paula Widish

Paula Widish, author of Trophia: Simple Steps to Everyday Self-Health, is a freelance writer and self-healther. She loves nothing more than sharing tidbits of information she discovers with others. (Actually, she loves her family more than that—and probably bacon too.) Paula has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Public Relations and is a Certified Professional Life Coach through International Coach Academy.

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