Food Wars Underway

Do you think government-subsidized medicine is a new and enlightened development in our country? As the freedom for Americans to make their own health care decisions disappears into the dungeons of government bureaucracy, along with the doctors’ freedom to chose the best treatment for their patients, do you think it’s high time that we took back control of our own health—and the food we eat? Or do you already realize that food wars have been an effective means of control over populations throughout history?

Speaking in 1962, Dr. Royal Lee revealed how these food wars were already well underway—and he knew—like few others at the time—that access to superior nutrition meant access to superior health. Today, fights over our right to healthy food and our right to care for our own health are being used to further erode our overall Constitutional rights. Defend those rights with your dollar every day by growing and purchasing whole, nutritious, and healthy food. It’s a price worth paying.

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Stephanie Selene Anderson

Stephanie Selene Anderson is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Selene River Press.

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