Applied Trophology, Vol. 1, No. 10
(October 1957)

Housewives’ Eczema, Dentists’ Novocaine Dermatitis, Petroleum Dermatitis (Machine and Oil Workers)

The following is a transcription of the October 1957 issue of Dr. Royal Lee’s Applied Trophology newsletter, originally published by Standard Process Laboratories.

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  • Tip of the Month (Check pH)
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Many Dyes in Foods Found Harmful
  • Celery Wins over Candy

Housewives’ Eczema, Dentists’ Novocaine Dermatitis, Petroleum Dermatitis (Machine and Oil Workers)

These are highly annoying conditions that have a lot in common. Too frequent washing in strong soaps and detergents (constant contact with fat solvents) causes a loss from the skin cells of the wrapping of the chromosome (cholesterol-lecithin complex) and the development of local lesions as a consequence. The vitamin A and E complexes are catalyzers of the chromosome (protomorphogen) wrapping substance.

After the loss of the cell blueprints (the protomorphogen of the chromosome), there is no cellular blueprint to guide repair. The result: no repair. The victim develops what the doctor calls eczema or dermatitis, cause “unknown” (in all the books).

The cause is nutritional deficiency, due to a lack of vitamin E complexes—lost in flour milling, in hydrogenating oils, in refining oils, and in feeding animals stale commercial ground feeds carrying rancid oils, so that their meat lacks the vitamin—and to our failure to eat enough green vegetable leaves, with their green chlorophyll complex that supplies the vitamins A and E that protect these blueprints of the cell.

Severe cases need Spleen and Epithelial Cytotrophic Extracts [Spleen PMG and Dermatrophin PMG, respectively] as well as Chlorophyll Complex Perles. Why? Because the long-continued skin lesions cause the victim to become allergic to his own skin proteins, and healing is thereby delayed.

Bedsores in chronic invalids are of a similar category. They often begin as scurvy lesions (vitamin C deficiency slows healing) without other signs of scurvy; the same “allergic reaction” may occur and create a stubborn situation.

Nothing we have seen in speed of response of skin lesions exceeds the rate of recovery in these cases. One dentist who wrote us that he was almost at the point of suicide because every time he tried to get back into practice his “novocaine dermatitis” broke out informed us that complete healing occurred in three days.

X-ray burns are somewhat similar to the above but are more vicious. The X-ray breaks up the chromosome, releasing the blueprint substance, so that a specific natural tissue antibody to it is created. This reacts to stop any healing of the area involved. The remedy? Apply Vitamin F Ointment [USF Ointment] externally. This alone has cured many cases. But the use internally of Epithelial Cytotrophic Extract [Dermatrophin PMG] has been even more successful alone. Together, the effect is, of course, still better.

The specific effect of the F is to promote the “blueprint” wrapping. Vitamins F, the E complex, A complex, and G complex are all synergists that may help.

Warts: What is a wart? It is a disorder of local blueprints caused by a specific virus. The same treatment as above will be found most important and useful. Clinically, the spectacular single vitamin product has been found in the Eflex Perles [Cataplex F] of the Vitamin Products Co.

Papilloma on eyelids or in bladder usually disappear in a few days with the use of the vitamin G complex of the same source. Epithelial Cytotrophic Extract would be a supporting adjunct as well as the other “wrapper catalyzers” above. Papilloma in the urinary bladder is common in women, frequently acts to block urinary excretion. You will be pleased at the prompt relief from the G complex.

I feel that alkalosis is essential to render the virus pathogenic. Maybe that is why warts may come and go so erratically. It is helpful to keep in mind the fact that alkalosis aggravates all allergies as described in “Acidosis and Alkalosis” from our February issue. (Hydrion Test Paper for checking salivary pH available from us—use enclosed card). Indispensable for every doctor.

Recall also that alkalosis causes the disappearance in the blood of diffusible calcium. Then, in the normal course of events, fever develops. Children whose bone growth is absorbing calcium run frequent abnormal temperatures, may hover above normal for weeks at a time. They show other signs of calcium deficiency: irritability, restlessness, unreasonable disposition, etc. Calcium Lactate—ours carries the physiological modicum of one-fifth magnesium—where this is the cause (it usually is) promptly brings the temperature to normal.

Excess exposure to sun often brings on the situation. The excess vitamin D draws back into the blood the reserve tissue calcium. The heart sounds in these patients have a much reduced second sound by reason of the collapse of the muscular contraction before completion of the pumping cycle. Dr. William Brady in his daily column (January 7) last listed these consequences of low calcium: allergy, asthma, eczema, headache, hay fever, rheumatism, tetany (convulsions in the baby—remember the hot bath to stop it), hives, hot flashes.

Old-time baby formulas were carbohydrate- enriched with arrowroot flour because the old-time doctors found it seemed to create healthier babies. Today we discover that arrowroot flour is the only carbohydrate ever used in baby formulas that had a high calcium ash. Babies on this food did not suffer from convulsions, hives, eczema, or irritable dispositions.

The calcium in arrowroot is chloride. The calcium in our Cal-Amo tablets used to correct alkalosis is also chloride. The calcium in natural sea salt is also chloride. (Natural sea salt and arrowroot flour available from the V-P Commissary—list enclosed).

The old custom of sending the convalescent patient to the seashore maybe had its merits in the absorption of sea minerals, of which the calcium chloride is most important. Dr. Sydney Ringer, the celebrated pharmacologist, in his Handbook of Therapeutics (Thirteenth Edition), page 49, comments as to the results of sea bathing: “There results not only increased vigor of the functions of the body, but an actual augmentation of its weight. Sea air, it is true, acts in the same way, so it is difficult to determine to what extent improved health results from the sea climate or the sea baths.”

Dr. Ringer also observes that “the salts in solution in seawater are supposed to act as invigorating stimulants to the skin, hence a patient unable to bathe in ordinary water without suffering great depression can bathe in seawater with great benefit.” He goes further to say, “A course of sea bathing sometimes causes the hair to fall off abundantly, especially in women.”

This recalls the effect of vitamin F of often causing the falling off of masculine hair in women. Apparently, the ionized calcium reinforcement in the body fluids, the only thing in common here, is responsible.

News Items

Methyl bromide, the gas used in fumigating grains in elevators, causes “shakes” if the worker gets too much, and the condition is difficult to treat. German investigators have found pyridoxine in heavy dosage helpful in restoring the nerve function in such victims of poisoning (Sigwald, J., Med. Contemp., 75:45, January 1957).

Sodium benzoate, a chemical food preservative considered harmless by many experts, including the FDA (but not by Dr. H.W. Wiley) now is found to “markedly inhibit rat growth on low-protein diets” (Ann. Rev. Biochem., 1945, p. 622). Seems that we must keep all poisons out of our food. Took fifty years to get the goods on this one.

Item in a letter from a doctor for who was pleased with the results:

“I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, but a surefire shot in the treatment of asthma is your Anti-Pyrexin. A girl aged 14, with a history of asthma from 2 years of age, got instant relief (within an hour) with this substance. Two such tablets per day turned the trick.”

We might add that correcting any systemic alkalosis must be done before Anti-Pyrexin [Antronex] will work. (Hay fever usually responds well to Anti-Pyrexin if you first correct the alkalosis.)

Cancer and manganese in Holland: observations on the geographical incidence of cancer showed a high incidence in populations supplied by river water, and it seemed that a high manganese content of water was associated with a lower incidence of cancer (J.A.M.A., April 16, 1956, p. 1353).

Manganese deficiency is common, it seems from the value of organic manganese (as All-Organic Trace Minerals [Trace Minerals-B12] or manganese phytate) in relieving low-back pains, lumbago, fallen arches, and bone malpositions in general due to ligament laxity; acts no doubt by the well-known effect of manganese in activating the enzymes that regenerate bone and connective tissue. Biost helps much by supplying the amino acids peculiar to raw food (destroyed by cooking). All-Organic Trace Minerals are our most spectacular products in action when used to tone up ligaments.

Tip of the Month (Check pH)

When patient doesn’t respond to treatment check the saliva pH. The low pH requires baking soda, potassium bicarbonate or Upjohn’s Citrocarbonate. A high pH calls for our Cal-Amo tablets, one per meal after eating. (Refer to Applied Trophology, Vol. l, No. 2.)

Nutrition and Dietetics

Good nutrition does not necessarily mean an adequacy of food intake with respect to quantity. That is merely the caloric side of nutrition, and, in fact, excessive food intake leading to obesity is a form of malnutrition. Starvation is merely another form of malnutrition. Each form of malnutrition brings its train of diseases—obesity with its diseases of the cardiovascular system and starvation with inanition. But even “good” nutrition in the sense of a calorically balanced food intake can produce malnutrition when specific nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids are lacking in the diet or, if through some metabolic aberration, essential nutrients are neutralized by inadequate absorption and assimilation.

It is well to supplement the diet with essential nutrients. But one must be aware of certain nutritional phenomena, such as the deleterious effects that may occur if a diet inadequate in quality or quantity of proteins is supplemented with a single amino acid. Other phenomena or other metabolic anomalies are no more abstruse or esoteric as more and more pieces are supplied by scientific advances to the jigsaw puzzle of nutrition. In fact, there are now three subgroups of nutrition: nutrition in the well state, in the ill state, and in the state of physiologic stress.

—Erwin Di Cyan, PhD, Professional Education of Dentists for Tomorrow, New York

Many Dyes in Foods Found Harmful

Washington, DC — Of the nineteen dyes certified by the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act for use in food, “several are distinctly toxic when fed to rats at levels as low as 0.25 percent of an otherwise standard diet,” according to a report of the National Academy of Sciences. On the basis of available information, only five dyes have not manifested some deleterious effects on experimental animals, the report continues.

A special committee of the academy has just released a report of its findings after studying dyes used in foods and cosmetics. A total of 116 dyes are used in food under certification of the FD&C Act. Not all have been studied by the committee; those that have are included in the committee’s report.

The report also stated that “certification of a compound as ‘harmless and suitable for use’ as to requirements under the present law is unrealistic unless the level of use is specified.” The FD&C Act lacks authority under the present law to specify the level of use, the report concluded.

Celery Wins over Candy

The Stoughton school board has voted in favor of celery and carrot sticks instead of candy. The board has adopted a resolution, drawn up by a dentist, that bans the sale and use of candy and other sweets at school functions.

Doctor F.B. Henderson, a dentist and secretary of the board, said his resolution was an attempt to reduce tooth decay and promote better health in the schoolchildren. “It is not consistent to teach proper care of the teeth and then permit children to do otherwise,” said the dentist.

Doctor Henderson suggested that apples, hot dogs, carrot sticks, celery, and milk replace pantry items containing sugar. Under the resolution the school health council and the school nurse will define which items containing sugar are considered sweets.

Racine Journal-Times, Racine, Wisconsin

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