Applied Trophology, Vol. 4, No. 6
(June 1960)

Counterfeit Money, Counterfeit Foods, Counterfeit Health, Counterfeit Logic

The following is a transcription of the June 1960 issue of Dr. Royal Lee’s Applied Trophology newsletter, originally published by Standard Process Laboratories.

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  • High Points of Cholacol II

Counterfeit Money, Counterfeit Foods, Counterfeit Health, Counterfeit Logic

A prominent religious leader recently sent me a copy of one of his sermons containing some very significant comments. He begins by quoting the apostle Paul:

“Yes, and all who live according to God’s plan* shall suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

“Did not Christ say, ‘Woe unto you when all men speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets’?

“Certainly, we as ministers…are not to antagonize the worldly elements unnecessarily, but how come preachers today can do that which neither Christ, nor John the Baptist, nor the church fathers, nor any other generation of Bible preachers were able to do—namely, avoid all persecution and antagonism, and at a time when there is more sin and wickedness than at any previous time?

“Having raised these questions, let us search the Scriptures for light on these strange paradoxes. The Scriptures present Satan as a very evil and powerful personality whose principal method of operation is deception, counterfeit, and fraud.”

(*“All who live according to God’s plan,” may as well be expressed as “All who live according to natural principles.” —Royal Lee.)

Our money today is counterfeit, by official edict. To perform this sleight of hand trick, Congress was induced by a satanic influence to prohibit the ownership of gold by American citizens. This was a strange discrimination against all citizens of this country (for, of course, it cannot apply to noncitizens) by a political party that championed nondiscrimination as a party plank (Satan’s fraud).

Foreigners have taken title to much of the gold in Fort Knox, in payment of trade balances. Our money is backed by promises—not gold or goods. We live in an economic fool’s paradise, like depositors in a bankrupt bank whose insolvency is yet to be discovered. But that is another matter. Here, let us stick to food frauds.

We herewith quote the Federal Trade Commission, Bulletin No. 64, June 1941: “In the treatment of deficiency disease, synthetic vitamins are equally as effective as vitamins obtained from a natural source.”

When Henry Sherman was chief of the Federal Bureau of Human Nutrition, he was asked by a registered nurse if a synthetic food was equal to the natural. He said, “Yes.” When asked for factual evidence to support his statement he replied, “I have not found the time to hunt up references to original publications, if that is what you mean when you say ‘factual reference.’” He goes on to say the word of scientific workers should be accepted without such proof. (Letter of March 14, 1944.)

(Please get Lee Foundation Report No. 6, “How and Why Synthetic Poisons Are Being Sold as Imitations of Natural Foods and Drugs,” if you need proof that counterfeit foods are as bad as counterfeit money.)

Totalitarian bureaucrats need not offer any evidence that they are conducting an honest and fair administration. Absolute power never needs to explain or justify. It just enforces its unholy edicts.

This is the exact way that totalitarian police power takes over in a free country. An honest man in Sherman’s place would have provided the necessary explanation to justify his stand. An honest judge carefully rationalizes his legal adjudications. But when they know that they cannot find the evidence to support their crooked activities, they “have not found the time.”

Can you imagine such a situation? Those who are familiar with Washington corruption are not amazed. It is the general thing and, just as the apostle Paul said, “Worse and worse.”

Now about counterfeit logic. Here is the world’s record.

The Food and Drug Administration has contrived to get all foods sold with the intent to build health (the only excuse any food should have for its existence, we would say) to be classed as drugs. That would bring literature under the “consensus of opinion” yardstick, so that claims for health-building qualities could not be made unless they conform to the consensus of medical opinion.

How did foods get to be drugs? Simply because under the new definition of a drug, it is “anything that prevents disease,” as well as a substance other than food that is used to treat disease, which is the dictionary definition, as distinguished from the political definition. (The story of political definitions is anyone who wants to spend the other fellow’s money. An employer used to be a fellow who could find work for others as well as for himself; today he is an exploiter of the unfortunate.)

The various states have not gone along with this new definition up to now. In California, for instance, to sell drugs wholesale, you must have a drug license. Food wholesalers have not yet been forced to obtain such licenses.

The next step was to require all drugs to have labels that list all the diseases they are supposed to treat. Now, to require a food product to have on its label all the deficiency diseases that will follow if it is not used would require volumes of data. And since the consensus of medical opinion tells us that there is no such thing as a deficiency disease (deficiencies cannot cause even a functional disturbance, the “consensus” has pronounced, and Elmer Nelson, top expert in the FDA, has said malnutrition does not cause disease), the maker of a perfect food would not be able to distinguish its values from the worst food in his descriptive literature. That, of course, is fine for the makers of counterfeit imitations. But it is pretty hard on the rest of us victims of corruption. We have one-thousand times the tooth decay that is found in India and 750,000 deaths per year from beriberi heart.

Another angle. Natural gland powders, such as liver, pancreas, kidney, adrenal, pituitary, and gonad powders, have long been used by doctors who understand natural healing methods. By requiring labels to carry all the diseases that may be treated with the product, the FDA has actually ruled that organ powders are inert, that there is no disease that requires their use, and they cannot be sold, because there is no way to legally label them. When we write to the FDA and ask if they can be sold as food adjuncts instead of drugs, we cannot get an answer.

Why no answer? Simply, I must conclude, because the objective of the ruling is to stop the sale of these products. Certainly, the best nutrition to be found for restoring a worn-out liver is liver powder. It contains the specific elements needed by the organ. So, if the bureaucrats were interested in the welfare of the public instead of holding office to help promote some unholy racket, they would immediately unravel this tangle. But the tangle seems to be deliberately framed to trap the unwary.

Can you imagine a law enforcement “gauleiter” sitting on his throne of authority telling a free American that there is no way to legally sell a product that is admittedly useful as food and, in any case, harmless?

If you wonder what the whole racket is aimed at, possibly Natenberg’s The Cancer Blackout will help to illuminate the picture. The attached memo* on Dr. Stammer’s experience with a successful cancer remedy is a good example of the stranglehold maintained on the American people by an organization seemingly dedicated to create all the sickness and misery possible for the benefit of its members.

Here, we have a ten-year-old newspaper item. Dr. Anthony Shupis of Torrington, Connecticut, was barred from hospital privileges because he believed milk pasteurization was injurious and that immunizations against smallpox, diphtheria, and typhoid may be injurious.

Seldom is the visible spanking rod exhibited. It is well hidden because it is criminal in intent and in effect.

My own Marquette University is compelled to advocate water fluoridation, a criminal mass medication of drinking water, even though the school is operated by Jesuit fathers who dedicate their lives to moral objectives. It would appear that either they do not know all the facts or else they refuse to speak. This is just what my pastor friend objected to: “Woe unto you when all men speak well of you.

It is obvious Satan has a pretty good stranglehold on the modern world. Counterfeit philosophy, counterfeit food, and counterfeit health—on top of counterfeit money.

Our people fail to subscribe to Benjamin Franklin’s famous remark “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”

Here is what it takes to promote synthetic counterfeit foods. Two lobbyists at the state capitol run afoul, yet counterfeiting pays off, as always, regardless of the cost.

Discover how lobbyists work to foist synthetic imitations of wholesome foods on the public by undermining existing laws (from the Milwaukee Journal, July 23, 1947):

Two Charged with Lobbying:
Warrants Say Corn Sugar Men Had Failed to Register with State

Madison, Wis. – Warrants charging two “corn sugar” lobbyists with failing to register with the Secretary of State were asked Wednesday by William A. Platz, Assistant Attorney General, in Dane County Superior Court.

The men named are R.J. Trebilcock, Wauwatosa, representative of the Corn Products Sales Co., New York, and John B. Newman, Washington, DC, vice-president of the Corn Sugar Industries Foundation.

Platz charged that the two men appeared before an assembly agricultural committee hearing on April 16 in favor of a bill to allow use of sugar, dextrose, and other starches from corn products in canned foods.

Runden Complains

On July 16 Assemblyman Runden (Republican, Union Grove) charged that the pair had tried to influence his vote on the “corn sugar” bill and that a check had showed that they were not registered as lobbyists. He asked for a probe. Within an hour, the Office of the Secretary of State reported, the two men had registered.

Platz said that his check showed that the two men had been lobbying for at least three months. The charges, he said, would accuse them of “acting as legislative counsel and agents without first registering with the secretary of state.” The penalties under the law provide for fines of $100 to $1000 and disbarment from appearances before the legislature for a period of three years.

Catlin in Conference

Mark Catlin Jr., former legislator and lobbyist who was also interested in the corn sugar bill, conferred with members of the attorney general’s staff on Tuesday. Platz indicated that he had been assured that Newman and Trebilcock would surrender when warrants were issued. Newman, he said, had returned to Washington.

The bill for which Newman and Trebilcock were lobbying was passed by both the assembly and the Senate but did not reach the governor. The Senate was unable to get enough votes to message its action to the assembly after the bill had been held up in what Assemblyman Thomson (Republican, Richland Center) said was an attempt to force him to ease up on opposition to several Senate bills. The House finally sent the measure to the legislative council, nonexistent because Governor Rennebohm had not yet signed a bill creating it.

*Memo unavailable.

High Points of Standard Process Nutritional Adjuncts

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