Portfolio of Reprints for the Doctor [Table of Contents]

By the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research

Summary: The Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, founded by Dr. Royal Lee, offered the public hundreds of reprints of articles, books, and lectures from nutrition researchers worldwide as well as original articles by Dr. Lee himself. These works, available for less than the cost of their printing, were bound into three separate portfolios intended for 1) the doctor 2) the homemaker and 3) the farmer and agriculturist. The list here shows the documents in the doctor portfolio, with original prices for the portfolio and individual articles shown for posterity. Published by the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, 1965.

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Portfolio of Reprints for the Doctor [spacer height=”20px”]

These reprints have been selected with two purposes in view. First, to offer to the physician educational material for use in getting his patient to realize the importance of proper diet, without which permanent recovery from deficiency-induced disease is impossible. Second, to reprint such outstanding articles of a scientific nature as to be of interest to the physician himself.

[Original reprint number is showed first, followed by article title and author, if indicated, and then original price.]

2  Vitamins and Their Relation to Deficiency Diseases of the Alimentary Tract by Edward A. Johnston, MD…$.05

3  Maintenance Nutrition in the Pigeon and Its Relation to Heart Block…$.05

5  Lithogenesis and Hypovitaminosis by W.J. McCormick, MD; and The Dietary Regime in the Treatment of Renal Calculi by C.C. Higgins, MD…$.05

5A  The Changing Incidence and Mortality of Infections Disease in Relation to Changed Trends in Nutrition by W.J. McCormick, MD…$.10

5B  Coronary Thrombosis: The No. 1 Killer by W.J. McCormick, MD…$.10

5C  Ascorbic Acid as a Chemotherapeutic Agent by W.J. McCormick, MD…$.10

5D  Intervertebral Disc Lesions by W.J. McCormick, MD…$.05

5E  Cancer—The Preconditioning Factor in Pathogenesis by W.J. McCormick, MD…$.10 [crossed out in original]

5F  Coronary Thrombosis: A New Concept of Mechanism and Etiology by W.J. McCormick, MD…$.10

5G  Leukemia in Infants and Young Children: A New Etiological Concept by W.J. McCormick, MD…$.05

5H  Have We Forgotten the Lesson of Scurvy? by W.J. McCormick, MD…$.10

6  Abstracts on Relation of Vitamin Deficiencies to Heart Disorders…$.05

9  Vitamin E vs. Wheat Germ Oil by Ezra Lavin…$.05

10  Imbalance of Vitamin B Factors by Marion B. Richards…$.05

11  Vitamin F Ointments by M.L. Weinstein and Kathryn Glennon…$.05 [crossed out]

16  The Physiology of Vitamins A and E by Royal Lee…$.05

17  The Prevention of Recurrence of Peptic Ulcer by D.T. Quigley, MD…$.10

18  Cancer: A Nutritional Deficiency by J.F. Davidson, MD…$.25 [crossed out]

18A  Hope in Cancer Research by Hon. Charles W. Tobey…$.10 [crossed out]

18B  Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee Report by Benedict F. Fitzgerald…$.10 [crossed out]

18D  Experiments on the Presence of Carcinogenic Substances in Humans Surroundings by T. van Shelven…$.20 [crossed out]

18F  Carcinogens in the Human Environment by W.C. Hueper, MD…$1.00 [crossed out]

18H  Symposium on Chemical Carcinogensis by H.F. Kraybill, PhD…$.50 [crossed out]

19  Thiamine Deficiency and High Estrogen Findings in Uterine Cancer and Menorrhagia by J. Erest Ayre and W.A.C. Bould…$.10 [crossed out]

20  Vitamin F and Carbamide in Calcium Metabolism by Royal Lee…$.05 [crossed out]

24  The Effects of Vitamin Deficient Diets on Rats, With Reference to the Motor Functions of the Intestinal Tract In Vivo and In Vitro by Louis Gross…$.15

25A  Clinical Nutrition: Food vs. Drugs by Royal Lee…$.05

26  Studies of Vitamin Deficiency by M.D. Horwitt, Erich Liebert, Oscar Kreisler and Phyllis Wittman…$.05

*27  The Effect of Heat-Processed Foods and Metabolized Vitamin D Milk on the Dento-Facial Structures of Experimental Animals by Pottenger…$.50

*27A  A Fresh Look at Milk by F.M. Pottenger, MD; and Anti-stiffness Factor from Annual Review of Biochemistry…$.10

28C  Pasteurized Milk [A National Menace] by James C. Thomson…$.05

30A  The Systemic Causes of Dental Caries by Royal Lee…$.05

30B  Vitamins in Dentistry by Royal Lee…$.05

30E  The Battlefront for Better Nutrition by Royal Lee…$.01

33  Fundamentals of Nutrition for Physicians and Dentists by N. Philip Norman, MD…$.10

34  Nutrition and Dental Disease by Allison G. James, DDS…$.10

35  Sludged Blood by Melvin. H. Knisely, Edward H. Block, Theodore S. Eliot and Louise Warner…$.15

40  For Heart Disease—Vitamin E by J.D. Ratcliff…$.05

40A  Natural Vitamin E for Heart Diseases (from Popular Science Digest, March 1952)

45  A Practical and Inexpensive “Screen Test” for Cancer by N. Philip Norman, MD, and Anna M. Slicher…$.30 [crossed out]

*47  The New Microscopes by Seidel and Winter (The Rife Microscrope or “Facts and Their Fate”)…$.25

48  The Nutritional Approach to the Prevention of Disease by J.F. Wischhusen and N.O. Gunderson…$.10

49A  The Well-Fed Tooth by Fred D. Miller…$.10

51  Trophophatic Diseases or Systemic Nutritional Disturbances as Reflected in the Mouth by Grant H. Laing, MS, MD…$.10

*52  Treatment of Tuberculosis with a Low Carbohydrate, High Protein Diet by Sandler…$.25

53  The Pharmacology of Fluoride by Gustav Wm. Rapp, PhD…$.15

56  New Light on the Biological Role of Vitamin E by H.M. Evans

57  Certain Nutritional Disorders of Laboratory Animals Due to Vitamin E Deficiency by Alwin M. Pappenheimer, MD…$.10

58  A Concept of Totality by Joe D. Nichols, MD…$.10

64  Sidelights on Cancer by [Royal Lee] [crossed out]…$.05

66  Experimental Research on the Relation Between Diet and Cancer by Howard H. Hillemann, MA, PhD…$.10 [crossed out]

66A  Maternal Malnutrition and Fetal Prenatal Developmental Malformation by Howard H. Hillemann, MA, PhD…$.10

66B  Maternal Malnutrition and Congenital Deformity by Howard H. Hillemann, MA, PhD…$.30

66C  Developmental Malformation in Man and Other Animals by Howard H. H. MA, PhD…$.25

*66D  The Illusion of American Health and Longevity by H H. Hillemann, MA, PhD…$.30

66F  The Spectrum of Congenital Defect, Experimental and Clinical by Howard H. Hillemann, MA, PhD…$.30

68  Calcium Therapy in Diseases of the Cardiovascular System by Edward Podolksy, MD…$.10

74  The Heart in Chronic Malnutrition by Higginson, Gillanders and Murray…$.15

76  Iodine [Its Use in the Treatment and Prevention of Poliomyelitis and Allied Diseases]

by J.F. Edward, MD…$.05

80  A Turning Point in Nutritional Science by Dr. Ralph Bircher…$.10

81  The Wulzen Calcium Dystrophy Syndrome in Guinea Pigs by Hugo Krueger, PhD…$.20

83  The Significance of Nutrition for Preventive Medicine by Prof. K. Kottschau…$.05

84  Chlorophyll for Healing by Lois Mattox Miller…$.05

*84A  Chlorophyll: An Experimental Study of Its Water Soluble Derivatives in Wound Healing by L.W. Smith, MD, and A.E. Livingston, PhD…$.10

*88  Precancerous Mouth Lesions of A Vitaminosis B by N. Martin, MD, and C.E. Koop, MD…$.15 [crossed out]

90  Is It Possible to Influence the Multiple Sclerosis by a Certain Diet Regime? By J. Evers, MD…$.05

91  Vitamin U Therapy of Peptic Ulcer by Garnett Cheney, MD…$.10

93  Fats in the Diet by W.H. Griffith, PhD…$.05

95  The Neglect of Natural Principles in Current Medical Practice by Surgeon Capt. T.L. Cleave…$.30

*95A  On the Causation of Varicose Veins and Their Prevention and Arrest by Natural Means by T.L. Cleave, MRCP…$.30

96  A New Theory of Diet and Coronary Thrombosis by Ernest Klein, MD…$.10

97  Drug Induced Illnesses from Illinois Medical Journal…$.05

*98  Nutritional Adaptation to Low Dietary Intakes of Calories, Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals in the Tropics by C.L. Pathak, MD…$.20

100  Nonreaginic Allergy in Theory and Practice by G.F. Knight, MD; and Overweight and Underweight as Manifestations of Idioblaptic Allergy by A.F. Coca, MD…$.10

101  The Influence of Food Cooking on the Blood Formula of Man by Paul Kouchakoff, MD…$.10

*104  Nutritional Deficiencies and Emotional Disturbances by Elizabeth C. Bell, PhD…$.30

107  The Role of Some Nutritional Elements in the Health of the Teeth and Their Supporting Structures by John A. Myers…$.25

108B  Whole Wheat and Doctors, from the book The Science of Keeping Young by Alfred W. McCann…$.20

113  Enzymology by John J. Miller

114  Clinical Studies of Magnesium Deficiency in Epilepsy from Clinical Physiology, Fall 1959, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 26–29.

115  Excerpts from Nutrition in Everyday Practice, published by the Canadian Medical Association…$.10

115A  Nutritional Aspect of Dental Disease by John H. Gunter, DDS, MD…$.05

*116  Prophylaxis, Toothbrushing, and Home Care of the Mouth as Caries Control Measures by Maynard K. Kline, DDS…$.10

117  Collected Scientific Papers of Sir William Hardy…$.25

123  Let Food Be Your Medicine by Doris Grant…$.10

124  A Rapid and Simple Lingual Ascorbic Acid Test by Ringsdorf and Cheraskin…$.05

*125  Studies on the Detoxicating Hormone of the Liver (Yakriton) by Akira Sato, MD, PhD…$.10

127  Fat Soluble Vitamins: A New Fat-Soluble Dietary Factor [The Wulzen Factor] by Walter C. Russell…$.05

*128  Changing Conceptions of Portal Cirrhosis by A.M. Snell, MD…$.10

129  The Etiology of Acute Coronary Thrombosis by Hunter McGuire Doles…$.05

*130  Essential Fatty Acids in Nutrition and Their Relation to Other Vitamins, H.M. Sinclair, DM…$.25

*131  New Concepts in Bone Healing by Lewis B. Barrett, MD…$.15

132  The Prevention of Dental Caries and Oral Sepsis by H.P. Pickerill, MD…$.10

133  The Use of Macrocystis Pyrifera [Kelp] as Source of Trace Elements in Human Nutrition by G.L. Seifert and H.C. Wood…$.05

*134  Dental Caries from the Nutritional Point of View by Alfred Aslander…$.10

134A  How the Facts Are Suppressed in Connection with Bone Meal [by Alfred Aslander]…$.10

134B  A Plan for Testing the Theory of Complete Tooth Nutrition [by Alfred Aslander]…$.25

137  Dietary Production of Gastric Ulcers in Rats, and Prevention by Tocopherol Administration by R.L. Harris, E.L. Hove, M. Mellott and K. Hickman…$.10

141  How Antibody Attacks Cells…$.05

*The items so marked are not included in this Portfolio of Reprints. Copies in this classification will be mailed, at prices listed.

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The Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Form LD-18, February 1965.

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