Hypertension/High Blood Pressure:
A Balanced Approach

High blood pressure (HBP) has three primary causes, yes we must keep in mind that any one or two of these factors, or even all three at once, can be the area of concern.

Let’s review each of these primary causes, and I’ll discuss how changing certain harmful habits and taking some recommended supplements can assist in rebalancing and, in most cases, maintaining a more harmonious blood flow throughout the body.

Holistic practitioners do not treat hypertension or any other disease, but rather focus on supportive care. In my book Adjuvant Protocols for Healing: A Practitioner’s Manual, I share time-proven protocols that help the practitioner in this goal. These protocols include a combination of recommended natural substances and lifestyle changes that can help the body reestablish balance in the area of need. In my book you will find over 400 more adjuvant protocols to support your patients, in addition to the HBP protocols.

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, occurs when the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high. HBP effects about 108 million adult Americans, with one in four individuals unable to establish control or maintain normal ranges of arterial pressure. Normal blood pressure is considered 120/80; high blood pressure 140/90; and severe hypertension 180/120. Allopathic medicine attempts to lower blood pressure with the use of prescription drugs. However, the root causes of this affliction are not addressed. Most people need to remain on these chemicals for the remainder of their lives and cannot live without the risk of harm if they become unavailable.

The Vascular System

The first area of concern in HBP is the integrity of the vascular system throughout the body. The adult heart pumps 100,000 times a day, moving blood through the 100,000 miles of veins, arteries, and capillaries that make up the vascular system. If the arteries and veins are stiff and narrow, rigid like a drinking straw, the body is forced to create ever higher levels of pressure to keep the blood moving.

A normal vascular system should be open and relaxed, more like a flexible hose. Rigidity and narrowing over time can be caused by caffeine, alcohol, and too many carbohydrates (especially empty carbs and sugar). These substances overstimulate the body, especially the adrenal glands. Once the adrenal glands overreact, it constricts the blood vessels and raises blood pressure—just as if you were running from or facing danger (flight or fight). Eliminate these poisons from the diet (Paleo diet is best), and blood pressure will often normalize. Try it for two weeks and watch the change.

The primary supplements that apply here are from Standard Process:

  • Cataplex G (3 three times daily for two weeks, then reduce to 3 twice daily).
  • As a secondary option, also consider Drenamin (4 twice daily on an empty stomach).

Both Cataplex G and Drenamin assist in normalizing the adrenal response to stress, promoting self-regulation and vitality for normal function. These supplements encourage normal vascular tone, creating flexibility, resiliency, and vasodilatation (opening).

Blood Viscosity

The second area of concern is high blood viscosity. The blood should be like water, not molasses. If the blood is too thick, the body again must increase vascular pressure to move oxygen and vital nutrients to the tissues for nourishment. Nonmetabolized fat (cholesterol), calcium, and incomplete (overcooked) proteins (which destroys 8 of the 22 essential amino acids) are the primary obstacles in preventing normal movement of blood. These nonmetabolized elements also contribute to buildup and blockage (occlusion) of blood vessels, congesting the vital pathways throughout the body.

I recommend the following from Standard Process:

  • Phosfood Liquid (one dropperful in an ounce of apple juice at breakfast and lunch is best). Balances blood calcium.
  • Cyruta (4 twice daily). Removes the build-up of lipids in the lumen of the blood vessels.
  • Soybean Lecithin (4 at breakfast and 4 at lunch). Helps balance fat in the blood.
  • Protefood (1 per day). Completes the amino acid equation for full utilization.

As for lifestyle recommendations, walking for 30–60 minutes per day (in nature, if possible), is the best way I know of to balance blood pressure. If you move the blood, most fluids throughout the body find their equilibrium.


Addressing this final concern is the most important. Simply stated, lowering stress lowers blood pressure. The burden of high blood pressure usually occurs in people with a Type A personality. Stress may not always show on the outside. However, it can have a severe impact on the inside. If chemicals (neurotransmitters) unnaturally build up in the nerve synapses—and there are 1,000 trillion of them in any organ, gland, or tissue in the human body—abnormal tension is the result. This is why my favorite product for hypertension (and Dr. Lee’s as well), is Orchex (see dosing information below). This formulation contains the enzyme hyaluronidase, also known as the spreading enzyme. Hyaluronidase remarkably balances out the buildup of any congesting substances, such as in the nerve synapsis. It is truly the great equalizer for most metabolic congestion.

Although the adrenals handle stress, the liver and kidneys receive the stress. This is where Antronex and Renafood may be of help (see dosing information below).


  • Orchex (3 three times daily for two weeks, then reduce to 3 twice daily).
  • Antronex (3 three times daily). Unburdens the liver.
  • Renafood (3 three times daily on an empty stomach for two weeks, then maintain with 3 of each twice daily). Revitalizes the kidneys.

The primary Standard Process protocol that I use for stress is below. Also consider the MediHerb formulations as a secondary option in each case.

Standard Process  

Cataplex G (3 three times daily)

Soybean Lecithin (4 twice daily)

Orchex (3 three times daily)

Antronex or Renafood (3 three times daily)


Gotu Kola Complex (2 twice daily)

Ginkgo Forte (2 twice daily)

St. John’s Wort (1 twice daily)

Garlic Forte (1 twice daily)

Mastering a life free of stress takes time and exploration to discover that blissful path. Thai-chi, hatha yoga, meditation, and prayer may be useful starting points. Even biweekly far infrared saunas are remarkably effective. My prayer is that everyone finds and remains on their solo journey to peace and tranquility.

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Joseph Antell, NC

Now in his fifth decade as a nutritional consultant, Joseph Antell has mentored thousands of healthcare practitioners. Today, he remains dedicated to teaching the practical clinical application of adjuvant nutritional support while sharing his insights on building a successful clinical nutrition practice and how to interpret Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) graphs.

Passionate about sharing the knowledge he has accumulated over the course of his career, Joseph wrote Adjuvant Protocols for Healing: A Practitioner’s Manual to convey his extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the nutritional principles expounded by the pioneering founders in nutritional discovery. Through everything he does, Joseph’s primary intention is to pass on the prophetic wisdom of Dr. Royal Lee and inspire all those who seek to become great healers.

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