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Looking Back on the SRP Blog’s Top 10

We looked back at our website stats to find the most popular posts over the last few years. They may surprise you—but not because they were trendy or short-lived. Rather, it’s because Selene River Press is consistently a place for timeless nutrition and health advice that can help you age as gracefully as the information itself.

Here’s our top 10 most read pieces of advice you may have missed
(or forgotten about):

The Lymphatic System: Detox with Gentle Herbal Methods
Maria Atwood, CNHP

“The importance of keeping the lymph glands healthy applies to just about all of us: men and women, the young, the middle aged, and the elderly. Yes, anyone can develop cancerous cells!  Without going into a deeper scientific understanding of this complex system, let’s nevertheless get a better grip on why it’s important to learn the basics. I also want to discuss some outstanding herbs, whole food supplements, and herbal recipes that will provide a gentle and continual method to keep the system healthy in the long term.”

The Benefits of Homemade Yogurt
Monica Corrado

“Homogenization makes it easy for the industry to combine the milk of many different herds. In effect, it levels the playing field by mixing high-quality milk with low-quality milk and evenly distributing the fat throughout. Consumers are none the wiser. If all the milk looks the same, and there is no cream line to distinguish the mediocre from the best, everyone wins, right? Or loses.”

Why Am I Getting So Stiff?
Maria Atwood, CNHP

“Most of us probably think that stiffness comes with old age, and I won’t argue with that. But many in their youth will experience morning or general stiffness much earlier than I did for various reasons, including the type of work they do, over-exercise, physical illness and malnutrition, or injury…Perhaps you’ve sought relief in the aisle of a local health food store, or you depend heavily on one of the ever-popular but dangerously overused nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen. Allow me to point out better ways to find a reasonable, albeit not perfect, morning spring of the past.”

7 Best Remedies for Puffy Eye Bags
Maria Atwood, CNHP

“We’ve all had that occasional sick feeling of glancing into the mirror and finding we look like someone stuck a cushion under each eye! Often, eye bags are an alarming sign of a late night spent out on the town, but what if that’s not the case? What if you never stay out late or drink alcohol? What if you’re young and seemingly healthy, but one day there they are, staring out at you from the mirror for no apparent reason? This is when you want some commonsense facts that can help you better understand this condition.”

Got Viruses? Get Raw Milk!
Mark McAfee

“Every year the cold or flu virus is different, but as long as our immune systems are healthy and strong, our bodies will adjust to the new threat…Studies show that raw milk consumers have dramatically lower incidence of asthma, allergies, ear infections, and eczema. In other words, their immune systems are strong, adaptive, resilient, and working very well.”

A Corn and Cornmeal Primer: Nixtamalization and More—A Must Read!
Maria Atwood, CNHP

“One of the more complex questions for those of us who use corn and cornmeal, or who want to learn how to use them, is the process called nixtamalization (niks-tamal-ization). According to some, there’s something wrong with using corn that hasn’t been nixtamalized. However, learning the nitty-gritty of what it all means can be a daunting process. Fear no more, the answers are all here!

Food Allergies and Sensitivities: Homeopathy to the Rescue!
Elena Upton

“Before we jump into homeopathic remedies that can help with food issues, let’s acknowledge that malnutrition (a lack of critical dietary nutrients) can not only lead to digestive problems such as food intolerances but many other health issues as well. Homeopathic medicine can play an important role in restoring balance and assisting in the healing process. Once you develop these sensitivities and imbalances, your intolerance to substances (foods, pollens, chemicals, etc.) is, at a deeper level, a response to molecules called phenolics.”

20 Essential Herbal Tea Recipes: Tasty Blends for Health & Comfort
Maria Atwood, CNHP

“We need to admit that, for one thing, new health trends have helped herbal tea, which was once a specialty only in certain cultures, evolve into the popular beverage it is today. Herbal teas have now achieved the full-throated following of thousands of dedicated tea drinkers. I am one such crazy (smile) and have a collection of herbal teas you wouldn’t believe. Because of my growing interest, I kept purchasing all types of herbs, teas, and tea blends, and I found that many of them weren’t the most pleasant to drink! What a waste of money. Even my cat turned her nose away from the scent.”

The Dark Side of Bone Broth
Monica Corrado

“From the beginning of time—or at least since man discovered fire and our ancestor hunters came on the scene—humans all over the world have been boiling bones to glean their last bits of goodness after eating all the meat. Bone Broth is a time-honored traditional food that seems to have hit the mainstream recently. It’s touted as a ‘superfood’ by athletes, nutritionists, and even the New York Times. From Portland to NYC, Bone Broth bars are popping up across the country, with patrons lining up for their morning ‘cuppa.’ Cuppa broth, that is.”

Top 5 Health-Related Components of Fitness
Tyler Read

“However, to truly achieve the body composition you desire, one of the best tips I can give is to reduce your intake of sugar in combination with fat. This combination has long been known to be the cause of surplus body fat. According to Dr. Royal Lee, synthetic sugar (in the form of dextrose) was the only known form of sugar to cause diabetes in test animals. In ‘Calories—Nutritional and Harmful Types,’ Dr. Lee states, ‘Hydrogenated fats promote an increase in blood cholesterol; and a high blood cholesterol is known to predispose to heart disease, hypertension, and cancer.’”


Candida, Thrush, or Eczema Got You Down? Try Kefir!
Monica Corrado

“What is kefir (pronounced ke-fir)? Originating from the north Caucasus Mountains, located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, kefir is a cultured milk product much like yogurt. But while yogurt is cultured solely with the beneficial bacteria known as lactobacilli, kefir is cultured with lactobacilli and lactic acid-producing yeast. This is what makes kefir such a nutritional powerhouse and a terrific weapon against conditions like candida, thrush, eczema, and many other ailments that involve Candida albicans, a yeast that can cause an imbalance of microbes in and on you.”

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