Got Viruses? Get Raw Milk!

There are large, well-designed, peer-reviewed studies published in EU scientific journals showing that consumption of raw milk prevents colds. Colds are viruses! Every year the cold or flu virus is different, but as long as our immune systems are healthy and strong, our bodies will adjust to the new threat. These studies also show that raw milk consumers have dramatically lower incidence of asthma, allergies, ear infections, and eczema! In other words, their immune systems are strong, adaptive, resilient, and working very well.

Mark McAfee

Breast milk does the same thing for infants. Our great grandparents would have lectured us about building our immune systems, drinking our milk, slurping up our bone broth soup, and eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away.

Those foods and consumption of other whole foods do a great deal to improve our gut BIOME integrity and immunity. Highly preserved and processed foods do not. Our adaptive immune system constantly adjusts to outside threats if it is healthy. The very basis of our immune system is the diversity of bacteria (gut biome) and viruses (gut virome) that make their home in our gut. These living genomic rich colonies work with our human genome as part of our defense system. We must nurture them, encourage them, and feed them if we intend to be protected from immune system threats. As modern first world citizens our immune systems are weakened by antibiotics, processed preserved sterile foods, and plenty of sugar.

You will notice that medical experts are saying that the coronavirus is actually quite weak and only negatively effects those with a weak or susceptible immune system. Don’t be weak! Eat to be strong!

So build your immune system. Raw milk contains not just beneficial bacteria. It also is rich in the specialized proteins that build and support the elements of the adaptive immune system. No one ever talks about all the hundreds of different kinds of specialized proteins in raw milk and what they do for you. Raw milk is a living, blood-serum-like, immune-system building food. It’s like nothing else on earth. It is the first food of life and its major role is to build an immune system in a baby that does not have an immune system. In later life, these same biological elements can do the same thing for older age groups.

The CDC is developing a vaccine for the coronavirus. It will take at least a year. Not sure I would want that shot anyway.

Raw milk is available today. Get Raw Milk! Be Immune Strong!

Mark McAfee, Chairman Raw Milk Institute

Mark McAfee

Mark McAfee is the founder of the Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI). This start-up nonprofit is dedicated to the establishment of raw milk standards and the education of farmers and consumers from all over the world. Mark founded RAWMI in 2010 to address the lack of uniform standards and farmer training, which has been associated with raw milk illness both in the USA and internationally.

Mark has been an expert witness in raw milk legislative and judicial proceedings across America and is recognized internationally as an expert in raw milk safety and production. In 2011, Mark pioneered the first “dietary supplements” made from fresh raw colostrum and secured their retail certification from the FDA and DHS. Along with internationally respected doctors and researchers, Mark codeveloped the first ever food safety Risk Analysis Management Program (RAMP) for raw milk. Mark is the CEO and founder of Organic Pastures Dairy Company near Fresno, CA, where the company produces and serves 50,000 consumers from 400 retail stores with state-inspected, retail approved and tested raw dairy products.

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