Lee Carroll, a gift of wisdom on MediHerb all the way from Australia!

Salt Lake City, Utah, will be the place to be on Feb 1, 2014, for those of you who understand the use of nature’s medicine in coping with the stresses of modern living. All the way from Australia, Lee Carroll, one of the foremost authorities on the Standard Process Australian company, MediHerb, will be speaking about ways you can help your nervous system’s health with herbal strategies.

Lee Carroll will cover topics on various aspects of our nervous system and how today’s living is constantly bombarding it with stressors from our environment, external and internal. To say this is a very necessary function of your body that must be understood and supported to keep you at optimal levels is the understatement of the year.

This seminar is for health practitioners only, so if you are not a health practitioner, please encourage yours to attend so he or she may give you the best support for your approach to health.

For more information, see the SRP Events Calendar.

Peggy Sue Meininger

Peggy Sue Meininger is Director of Sales for Selene River Press.

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