The New Secret Weapon for Practitioners


Good health practitioners understand the more their patients know about nutrition, the better. Great practitioners take the time to make it happen. Why not be great?

With the Expert Nutrition Advisor: Informed Nutrition CD, all Standard Process and MediHerb clinicians have a secret weapon at their fingertips, one that will help them save time while still imparting meaningful nutritional wisdom to their patients.

Whether you’re getting started on a new nutritional component or expanding upon an existing one, you simply check off the recommended supplement on the back of the CD and ask your patients to listen to the relevant audio track before their next visit. Dr. Michael Gaeta, your nutritional expert and the aforementioned secret weapon, will take it from there.

This first-of-its-kind online education service helps practitioners juggle two all-important balls in the air at once: patient education and time management. Expert Nutrition Advisor: Informed Nutrition CD–soon to be available as downloadable MP3s too–is an invaluable resource that helps you do both.

Your patients get the advantage of learning about nutritional concepts and principles—including the supplements you recommend and the lifestyle changes that will speed their recovery—from one of the leading voices in health and wellness. And because the Expert Nutrition Advisor: Informed Nutrition CD also encourages referrals and generates additional revenue, you’ll get to provide more of the services your patients need and want.

When it comes to your patient education toolkit, Informed Nutrition is not to be missed.

Heather Wilkinson

Heather Wilkinson is Senior Editor at Selene River Press.

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