Practitioners: Harness the Knowledge of Protomorphogens

Protomorphogens CD

In September 1957 Dr. Royal Lee presented a wide-ranging lecture on his groundbreaking theory of autoimmune disease for a rapt audience of doctors in Detroit. Those original source recordings have now been digitally mastered and collected in Dr. Royal Lee on Protomorphogens. A compelling primer on the autoimmune process, this new audio CD is a must-have for any practitioner library.

A decade earlier, Dr. Lee and Dr. William Hanson published the seminal book on the topic, Protomorphology: The Principles of Cell Auto Regulation. In it, Dr. Lee identifies protomorphogens (cellular nucleic substances from glandular extracts) as necessary to direct the metabolic processes, growth, and repair of all living tissue.

Protomorphogens are nucleic acids that regulate growth specific to each tissue in the body, which are released into the cell cytoplasm by the cell nucleus. Describing the theory of the “autoimmune reaction” (a concept medicine is still trying to understand to this day), Dr. Lee explains that when a tissue or organ becomes fatigued and sick, it begins to produce an abnormally high amount of its own protomorphogen. This, in turn, causes the body to produce a correspondingly high amount of natural tissue antibodies (autoantibodies). When the amount of antibody exceeds the amount of protomorphogen, the excess autoantibodies attack the actual cells of the tissue.

To put it in perspective, today the U.S. Department of Health describes autoimmune disorders, in the aggregate, as the largest class of disease and leading cause of disability and death in the nation. Not only did Lee first identify and explain such reactions over 70 years ago, he even developed food-based supplements known as protomorphogens (PMG) to aid the body in reversing the process.

Now you can listen for yourself as Dr. Lee defines a protomorphogen—and its application in the healing process—in his own words. He makes clear, as no one has before or since, that autoimmune disease is less of a primary disease and more of a progression of the disease process. Autoimmune reactions are an inevitable down-stream phase in any degenerative process that chronically persists. It can only reverse and resolve through restoring the health of the tissues involved, and the protomorphogens are clinical tools in that restorative process.

Royal Lee on Protomorphogens covers important aspects of Dr. Lee’s theory, making it the gold standard for practitioners seeking the very best literature and training material available to them.

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