The Heart Sound Recorder Education Lectures: Waiting Room and Client Presentations


The Heart Sound Recorder Education Lectures enable you to educate your patients or clients and facilitate understanding about the Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) and its benefits to their health, adding an essential tool to your health and wellness practice.

Included for practitioners in The Heart Sound Recorder Education Lectures are two educational presentations. The first is a client lecture, to be used with your patients or clients one-on-one or in a larger public setting. The second is an overall view of the Heart Sound Recorder that can be continuously played in your office on your waiting room monitor, increasing awareness of this vital tool.

Included in this product:

  • Heart Sound Recorder Client Lecture (PowerPoint file) – 24 slides
  • Heart Sound Recorder Waiting Room Presentation (PowerPoint and MOV/MP4 video files) – 10 slides
  • Two font files (to make sure your presentation looks sharp)