The Nutritional Foundations of the Healing Arts—A Review of Mark R. Anderson’s Back to School for Doctors 2017


Every year, from all over the country, healthcare providers gather for Mark Anderson’s annual Back to School for Doctors seminar. They gather to experience first-hand Anderson’s exploration of key nutritional concepts based on the work of Dr. Royal Lee—and to acquire the kind of in-depth expertise that will help them lead their patients to optimal health. To this end, Dr. Michael Gaeta offers A Review of BTS 2017: Nutritional Foundations of the Healing Arts.

This thoughtful, thorough critical assessment of Mark Anderson’s BTS 2017 is essential for practitioners who wake up every morning with the desire to provide their clients with the very best of holistic health care. For practitioners who missed the event, Dr. Gaeta’s A Review of BTS 2017 should be considered an absolute must.

From 1753 A Treatise on the Scurvy to 1951 Body, Mind, and Sugar; from 1939 Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, to 1947 Protomophologythe keys to nutrition education are revealed in an unbroken procession of knowledge that leads to an inescapable conclusion: The primary determinant of health and disease is nutrition.

All slides, notes, and reference materials are included with your purchase.

Author: Dr. Michael Gaeta, based on Mark R. Anderson’s original presentation
Running time: 6 hours, 15 minutes
Formats: MP3, E-Learning