Dr. Royal Lee Starter Kit


Dr. Royal Lee was instrumental in bringing forward today’s organic agriculture and whole food movement. His groundbreaking research led to the common-sense revelation that malnutrition is the cause of disease. Without his work we would have no foundational understanding of the causes of health.

A prolific publisher and lecturer, Dr. Lee made sure to include the discoveries of many others, whose work he also published and distributed through the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research. The research accomplished during these early years of brilliant, revolutionary discovery continue to reveal the way to health with a depth and accuracy unlike anything considered hip and trendy today.

That is the stubborn nature of true principles; they don’t disappear for too long regardless of current fads, trends, and the inevitably soon-to-be discredited popular notions of the day. A cloud may blot out the sun, but the sun still remains. There is no other source of light.

Today, Dr. Royal Lee’s writings, recordings, and teachings are a massive blessing for all who would learn to rescue and restore their health. This bundle of Royal Lee resources from Selene River Press is the best way to begin.

In this affordably-priced $55 bundle, you will find five of Dr. Royal Lee’s works on nutrition and health and save 20% off the individual purchase price of $68:

The Lee Philosophy: The Battle for the Hearts and Cells of America

Essential knowledge packaged into essential reading, this comprehensive brochure details the career of Dr. Royal Lee and the nutritional movement he all but created. To be a reliably informed health care practitioner is to understand all aspects of Dr. Lee’s philosophy. This belongs in the hands of all holistic health care practitioners who not only want to foster the legacy of Dr. Lee but also ensure that their patients benefit from it.

Author: Mark R. Anderson


A Close-Up of Dr. Royal Lee

This fourteen-page booklet is a great way to introduce Dr. Lee to your patients.! This brief but meticulously researched “close up” of Dr. Royal Lee first appeared in print in 1964. Written by respected doctor Jonathan Forman, MD, general readers and practitioners alike will find a fully realized portrait of Dr. Lee. You’ll learn how he became one of the twentieth century’s most outstanding leaders in the field of nutrition and health—and why he fully deserves to be called a “many-sided genius.” A Close Up of Dr. Royal Lee will inform your practice with the “why” behind the esteemed Standard Process brand. A must-have for any practitioner library.

Author: Jonathan Forman, MD
Pages: 16



Dr. Royal Lee on Protomorphogens

This September 1957 recording of Dr. Lee, now digitally restored, is a classic discussion of his groundbreaking autoimmune disease theory and process, making this a must-have for any practitioner library. Listen to Dr. Lee define a protomorphogen—and its application in the healing process—in his own words. Dr. Lee makes clear, as no one has before or since, that autoimmune disease is less of a primary disease and more of a progression of the disease process. Autoimmune reactions are an inevitable down-stream phase in any degenerative process that chronically persists. It can only reverse and resolve through restoring the health of the tissues involved. The protomorphogens are clinical tools in that restorative process.

Author: Dr. Royal Lee
Format: CD, MP3
Total Runtime: 53 Minutes


An Hour of Dr. Royal Lee: Selected Writings, Vol. 1

This amazing collection—the first installment in the Selene River Press Historical Archives Audio Series—features six classic essays from the father of holistic nutrition, Dr. Royal Lee, as read by Stephanie Selene Anderson. These essays detail many of the core principles of Dr. Lee’s philosophy, from the de-vitalization of our foods at the hands of industrial processing and conventional farming to the complex, holistic nature of vitamins as they are found in whole foods. For practitioner and patient alike, An Hour of Dr. Royal Lee is essential listening for a true understanding of diet and health.

Author: Dr. Royal Lee
Read by Stephanie Selene Anderson
Available as a CD or MP3.



From Soil to Supplement: A Course in Food, Diet, and Nutrition, Taught by Dr. Royal Lee

This essential book was designed by Mark R. Anderson to be a self-guided course on human nutrition as taught by the legendary pioneer in nutritional research and education Dr. Royal Lee. The chapter headings, subheadings, and extensive keyword lists were all carefully chosen to show the intimate—and largely ignored—connection between our soil, our food, and our health. 

Available in EPUB, Kindle, and print editions.

Author: Dr. Royal Lee
Editor: Mark R. Anderson
Pages: 168