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Hey everyone, it’s Danielle again with Selene River Press. For my product review today, I wanted to take a minute and demonstrate some of the awesome digital products that we offer at SRP.

From our homepage under our shop, we have some great e-learnings that you can click on. I wanted to highlight some of the products here.

First of all, a lot of our e-learnings are specifically tailored to practitioners to help them learn and grow their practice, and learn different techniques and things that some of our practitioners are teaching. And then there are a couple though that are great for anybody, not just practitioners.

The first one I want to highlight is, Cook Your Way to Wellness. This is a really awesome demonstration video that comes with a booklet by Maria Atwood. It teaches a lot of amazing cooking techniques to heal, and ones for wellness, like fermentations, tonics, raw milk, etc. I’ve watched it. I loved it. I got some great insight and recipes from it.

The second one is, Shape Your Face by Tom Haggerty, which is also amazing to help learn exercises to specifically strengthen your face and your neck muscles to help with aging and looking younger longer. Those are great products for anybody, practitioner and patient, general public alike.

Now, let’s talk about some specific practitioner products that I want to highlight. We have a lot of great ones. A lot of people are aware that we have our Back to School for Doctors presentations. But, what they’re not always aware of is that we offer a lot of other fantastic e-learnings.

For example, The Keppel Method, Parts One and Two. Dr. Lowell Keppel has created The Keppel Method. This is a method that he has created that has helped him in his practice and with his patients. He created that into two separate products for you to learn. He’s got specific video demonstrations for you to see, showing you exactly how to use, learn and implement The Keppel Method in your own practice.

He has a few other e-learnings that I wanted to point out as well. Muscle Response Analysis, his MRA product, is huge with us. We also have his charts and graphs, but he created this specific e-learning to truly expand your MRA knowledge.

These are just a few that I wanted to highlight. Again, we have the Back to School for Doctors and a few others by Dr. Keppel. These are wonderful products to help you expand your learning in a very affordable and quick way. These are digital downloads that you get and you keep forever meaning you can take them as often as you want. You can refer back to them whenever you want, save certain parts and take the time you need to learn it.

They also make awesome gifts since they’re digital products! You don’t have to worry about shipping or the time it’s going to take to get there, you can send them right away.

I hope this helps you to really grow and expand your knowledge and your holistic tools in the arsenal that you have to fight this unhealthy world we live in, grow your patients and their health and have more success. Thanks so much. We’re always here to help!

Danielle LeBaron

Danielle LeBaron is a Professional Virtual Assistant and Managing Editor at Selene River Press. She specializes in project management, event planning and coordinating, and business blogging. She started her business as a way to stay home with her three beautiful children and has found a true passion for what she does: helping smart, stressed-out business owners take things off their plate. She supports the value of a holistic lifestyle as a way to improve one’s life from the inside out. For more information on Danielle and the services she offers, visit her website:

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