Stay on Your Diet AND Enjoy the Holidays

Here come the holiday parties and family feasts! How are you planning to stay on that diet, be it weight loss, Paleo, or gluten free?

I’ll give you one tip—make the dish you most want to eat, prepared the way you can eat it. Want to enjoy dessert at the in-laws? Try this grain- and gluten-free Black Forest Cake from Chef Briana. Made with a small amount of coconut palm sugar and no refined white sugar, it’s as delicious as it is beautiful.

But that’s too much work! Okay, how about bread-free stuffing instead? Anyone have a stuffing recipe that won’t stuff your butt with carbs?

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Stephanie Selene Anderson

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1 thoughts on “Stay on Your Diet AND Enjoy the Holidays

  1. Ricki McKenna, CN says:

    YES, recipe for gluten/bread free stuffing:
    Use quinoa, and/or millet, tons of mushrooms, leeks, and onions, raisins or dried cranberries, olive oil, egg, parsley, sage, thyme, s&p, Saute the leeks, onions and mushrooms in the olive oil, add an egg which will help bind it together, season with herbs and s&p to taste, mix in the cranberries or other dried fruit and cooked quinoa. If the consistency is too juicy, add more quinoa or chopped nuts (walnuts, pistascios, or other nuts to absorb. Can be cooked within a turkey or separately. I personally prefer actually stuffing the bird with it. The flavors enhance the meat and vice-versa. If it’s too dry, try adding some dry white wine and mixing until kind of “sticky” but not gooey. Happy Holidays!

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