Royal Principles:
It Takes Heart to Have Courage

Have you every had the feeling of your heart skipping a beat? Have you ever had an experience of feeling like your heart is in your throat? Or you feel like you just can’t go on? Do you feel like you are vulnerable to defeat physically, mentally, and emotionally? Do you feel like you have been abandoned and deserted? Do you have the feeling of insecurity, not caring, confused, lack of emotion, or feeling like you just aren’t going to make it? It takes courage to hang on and stay on the path and of life.

Courage takes heart. Our courage center of our body is our heart. We are conceived and three weeks later our heart is starting to function, encouraging our body to grow and develop to its fullest potential. As we travel on from conception to our journeys end, we need to express a heart of strength. We all live life to a greater degree when we live life with courage. The Latin word, cor, means heart. Cordial means warmhearted and heartfelt as in expressing love, the positive emotion of our heart. Our heart is a crown of life. The Latin word for crown is corona, from where we get the word coronary. The coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart surround the heart in the shape of a crown.

We are fearlessly and wonderfully made through an Innate knowledge and skill so that we can express life to the fullest. When our hearts are fixed in health, we are immovable and filled with courage to be able to battle against the enemies of our health. As Doctors of Chiropractic and nutritionists we must become like a Barnabas, this name means, “the son of encouragement”. WE must take up the fight for the health of our patients and encourage them by our own example. We must “encourage” them with insightful knowledge of the causes of health and live in that knowledge in our own lives so as not to succumb to false doctrines. We must be of and put on courage as courage is a force that originates in our hearts. Our heart becomes steadfast, trusting and firm, enabling us to rise up to the challenge.

During World War II and the Battle of Britain, Winston Churchill addressed his nation stating, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”. We, all the cells in our body that populate and reproduce and make us who we are, owe so much to a few cardiac cells composing an organ the size of our fist. Our heart pumps and controls the flow of life-giving blood to every cell in our body. This allows me and you to survive the onslaughts of the enemies of health that are trying to kill and destroy our body.

We have the knowledge of the causes of health so that we can take on the battle for health and defend its freedom of expression in all humanity. Like Winston Churchill described, that small but skilled and effectual Royal Airforce defeated the tyrannical attackers of the invading enemy. We too can defeat sickness when our hearts are found faithful and fearless.

D.D. Palmer attacked sickness on three fronts: physical/structural, bio-chemical and mental/emotional. In our education and practice we have the skills to defeat the enemy of sickness. Like the Battle of Britain, we chiropractors are the Royal Airforce out front in the battle against the advancing enemies of health. Yet Winston Churchill also addressed the nation’s gratitude for the unsung heroes of the earth; the British coal miners. Without their essential work and toil all Royal Navy ships would lay dormant. All the war factories and homes would be cold and silent. Dr Royal Lee and Standard Process are like those coal miners. Without their knowledge and skill of the earth and plants and the nutritional formulations needed in our body, our battle for health would be lost, and we would die with no positive effect on the sufferings of human kind.

In all battles there is fear, uncertainty, and trepidation: “Will I survive the many battles I go through in life? I’m confused at what I should do. I feel paralyzed.” Fortunately for all, Dr Scott Walker developed Neuro-Emotional-Technique that addresses and releases the altered body physiology that is expressed through our emotional responses. With the release of the negative physiological effects of emotions, our body expresses greater nervous system balance resulting in a clarity of thought and feeling.

Through all of our functions of life, our heart is on center stage in expressing its electrical power of the Life Force, thus supplying our body all of its needs for survival. Our heart is designed to express its physical powerful muscular pumping activity that moves our life-giving blood to every cell in our body. Our heart expresses feelings both positive and negative that directs the choices we make in our lives. Remember when someone encouraged you to, “Take heart, you can do it”. Your heart needs to be in it to succeed.

Our 500 trillion plus cells that comprise our body are supplied with the life-giving nourishing blood by a heart that weighs approximately 10 ounces in males and 8 ounces in females. Every day of our lives, our flesh, and our mind are living in a higher realm because our heart works and toils non-stop doing its endowed labor of love, for life is in the blood.

It is time for all of us to move up and do everything we can to help our patients and ourselves live in a higher realm of health. As a base line let’s start with an evaluation of one’s heart with the Heart Sound Recorder. This will provide a baseline assessment of your heart function and strength and the guidelines for the necessary nutrition needed to correct the deficiency affecting one’s heart function. Ask your Doctor of Chiropractic or Nutritionist for a Heart Sound evaluation.

Looking at and thinking on those negative feelings in the heart weakens one’s body. Why not look at and think on the positive feelings of the heart and strengthen body, mind and spirit. Our hearts express the positive emotions of love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, faith, tolerance, courage, endurance, fortitude, strength, self-control, bravery and determination.

It takes courage to change and be courageous. If you like the fruit, then you must like its root. Get to the root of health with a Heart Sound Evaluation. Don’t just preach what you do, reveal the results of what you do.

Remember that RESULTS turn a cynic into a BELIEVER.

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Dr. Michael Dority

DR. MICHAEL DORITY, now retired from his 44 years of chiropractic practice in Nebraska, credits his professional success to supporting the patient’s nervous system with whole foods, whole food supplements, and patient education. He has contributed to the health and well-being of many grateful families over the years. You can find Dr. Dority’s patient education posters here at Selene River Press.

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