Truth or Fiction: Protecting GMOs

This past year, the Consolidated Continuing Appropriations Act 2013, to provide funding for various federal agencies through the end of the 2013 fiscal year, was passed. The contents of Section 735, which has been called the “Farm Provision” or the “Monsanto Protection Act, are startling:

For the first time in our food chain, not even a judiciary ruling would be able to stop a company from continuing production of a questionable GMO to enforce more testing of the GMO before releasing it into the natural world. This is not like stopping the manufacturing of an automobile. This is tampering with a living organism that now has the potential to disrupt our food supply. It is horrifying that Section 735—which was entered into the Consolidated Continuing Appropriations Act 2013 anonymously—is bypassing the one process that would enforce some type of ethic.

Peggy Sue Meininger

Peggy Sue Meininger is Director of Sales for Selene River Press.

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